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Two Arrested in Romania for Ordering 50 Grams of Amphetamine from the Netherlands

Romania’s Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) arrested two men on November 3 for drug trafficking and international drug trafficking. DIICOT’s Bacau Territorial Service announced the arrest on the official press release site on November 7.

DIICOT Investigators believed the two men ordered a package from the Netherlands in late September using the internet. From the press release:

There is reasonable suspicion that in September 2016 the defendants Serban Marius and Rachiteanu Eusebius-Gabriel initiated steps to acquire high-risk drugs. In this case they accessed networks to track down and get in touch with a provider of amphetamine abroad, in clandestine conditions.

The men were in contact with an amphetamine vendor from the Netherlands, sources explained. After establishing contact, Marius and Eusebius-Gabriel placed an order for 50 grams of amphetamine. Bitcoin was used as the payment method.

Prosecutors explained, in a statement to a newspaper, that the suspects had the package shipped to the address of an acquaintance. The recipient gave permission to use his home address for delivery after being convinced the package would only contain phone parts.

The package went through Romania’s postal system in early November with stamps issued from the Netherlands. It made no mention of the sender but was addressed to the aforementioned recipient.

Investigators waited until the package reached one of the suspects before making a move. Marius was the first to handle the package and he was arrested on the spot with the envelope in his hands. Upon inspection, investigators discovered the contents of the package: 51.75 grams of amphetamine.

DIICOT prosecutors and organized crime units conducted searches of the suspect’s homes in Bacau and Cluj Napoca and found 57 grams of cannabis.

A preventive arrest was ordered by Bacau Court based on the inherent risks associated with drug trafficking and international drug trafficking. The men also posed a high flight risk, according to the prosecutor.

Both suspects were detained for 24-hours following their arrest. They have since been released into house arrest under strict conditions. No court date had been set at the time of release. No details regarding investigation specifics were released either; officials did not reveal whether or not the men were under suspicion prior to the package discovery. Alternatively, the Netherlands may have had a role in the possible early detection.

The Netherlands has fewer DNM-related arrests within its borders than most countries. However, many countries are on-the-lookout for packages incoming from the Netherlands. In September, US Homeland Security picked up an ecstasy package from the Netherlands before it went through sorting by customs.

The Netherlands has also become part of the international darknet investigation group that includes law enforcement from the US, Australia, Canada, and others.

So, whether or not Romania was tipped off by the Netherlands remains unknown.

The press release finished:

The action was carried out with the support of judicial police officers of the Organised Crime Brigade Cluj and policemen of the Special Action Service Bacau County Police Inspectorate. We mention that throughout the criminal proceedings, suspects and defendants have the rights and procedural guarantees provided by the Code of Criminal Procedure and the presumption of innocence.


  1. How did they know they ordered it?

    He should of said when they had the envelope

    ”mail has been delivered to my address by mistake and I am on my way to return it’

  2. the prison insider

    DIICOT is highly corrupt themselves as well as the justice minister of Romania who lied to the european union that they will give money to refresh the old old prisons and fight corruption.

    They regularly imprison people from the authorities because of corruption.

    This could be an play again to distract

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