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One News Channels Interview with a Former Darknet User

Coverage of the Darknet seems to be spreading rapidly lately; as more and more people are turning to it in order to source drugs. Even mainstream media outlets are covering Darknet more frequently. As Operation Hyperion is in full swing, the FBI and other agencies are on board to tackle the online black markets.

One such news outlet in Virginia recently reported on one Darknet patrons Darknet journey to find Fentanyl. Ryan Nichols told reporters he was tired of overpriced, subpar drugs that were within his reach, so he decided to check out the Darknet. He said he watched a YouTube tutorial on how to access the Darknet.

I figured why not try? You don’t have to leave; you don’t have to go out of town. You don’t have to do anything; it just comes right to your door,” Nichols said.

A statement from the FBI said that while drugs are most commonly found to be the focus of most Darknet Market users, if you’re not careful you can find yourself wrapped up in child pornography, poisons, and even hitmen for hire.

Nichols told reporters all about the forums, how the review system works, how some vendors package their goods, and even shipping times he has experienced. Nichols claims to be an experienced user of the Darknet, and at one point had as many as four packages a week showing up at his doorstep. He even when as far as to tell of a deck of Pokémon cards that contained his Fentanyl.

You could also choose the discretion that they used when packaged. If you wanted to pay a little more to have a fool proof plan, like a hard drive, or crazy bound books you could do that too,” he went on.

The FBI has stated that most of the current markets are hard for them to infiltrate. It was last month that the FBI joined Operation Hyperion, and has so far put the FBI into contact with more than 150 Darknet market users, suspected of buying drugs.

Nichols said that the hardest part is keeping markets from popping up to replace the already taken down one. He believes that it will only become more popular as time passes, and it becomes talked about even more mainstream. The more that people are getting busted, the more news and media outlets are going to cover Darknet related news.

The Opiate addiction sweeping the United States right now isn’t helping things. As Nichols pointed out, he was a long-time heroin user, who eventually switched to Fentanyl for the stronger properties of the drug. Once he was fed up with the low-level street drugs, all he had to do was jump on YouTube.

This mainstream coverage is going to spell the end of the Darknet, or at least the minuet safety one once felt using these markets. Nichols also said people are turning to the Darknet for the safety it offers. Not from getting busted, but from violence often associated with street deals.

With the news coverage becoming more frequent, more and more people will be looking for the Darknet for drugs and whatever else. Could this widespread familiarity with Darknet spell its end?

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