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Austrian Police Bust a 19-Year-Old “Powerseller” Darknet Vender

According to the National Police Directorate (LPD), a 19-year-old student was arrested for being a “powerseller” on the darknet. The investigation, according to the police, took more than 20 months. Since April 18, 2015, the “pharmacist” made at least 1,800 sales, investigators wrote.

The National Criminal Police in Vienna (LKA) was notified by the LPD that this so-called “powerseller” was operating out of Vienna. Little information, at the start of the investigation, little was known about the student. He was called a pharmacist—a student of drugs. But whether he was truly working in a pharmacy or even studying to become a pharmacist was not made known.


Investigators located a Vienna-based vendor who sold many products only obtainable at a pharmacy. Prescription Modafinil, Robaxin (Methocarbamol), Antidepressants, were being sold by a vendor under the pseudonym “Hedon.” In addition to pharmaceuticals, Hedon sold several nootropics: Piracetam, Phenylpiracetam, Etifoxine, Tehoten—the latter is rarely considered a nootropic due to lack of conclusive cognitive enhancements.

The National Criminal Police in Vienna was hardly concerned with the quasi-legal nootropics, reports showed. According to several news German news outlets, the 19-year-old used the majority of the Russian-designed nootropics himself. Hedon sold LSD, mushrooms, cannabis seeds, and codeine; the drugs police found most disturbing.

Police identified a suspect that matched the profile of the person they were looking for. The exhaustive hunt for a darknet vendor ended on November 8 after authorities raided his apartment in Wien-Meidling (Vienna-Meidling).


The raid was a success, LKA officer Roman Hahslinger told the media. All drugs Hedon sold on the DNMs matched those found in the apartment. Police collected two full “travel bags,” stuffed with drugs. Additionally, Two cartons, were loaded with assorted substances. They also found the usual distribution setup: scales, scoops, and mailing supplies.

Rarely do these types of raids end with a vendor in handcuffs if the house was clean during the sweep. In Germany—and likely worldwide—police wait until the perfect moment arises. In many cases DDW covered, police had the opportunity to arrest suspects earlier than the primary arrest occurred.

Some cases, like that of the ricin vendor in Sweden, have fallen apart because police made their move at the soonest possible moment.


Investigators were able to identify 1,800 or more transactions since Mid-April. He sent them through the mail and receive bitcoin in return, authorities explained to the press.

“Since April he had 1,800 transactions posted on his account,” said officer Roman Hahslinger.

The unidentified 19-year-old “pharmacist” sits in custody until his first court date. He denied any accusations, authorities stated. Nor has he contributed to the investigation in any way. According to Hahslinger “he has not any given any information on the facts, so far.”

Hedon’s court date is expected to be set sometime towards the end of November.


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