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Three Darknet Amphetamine Vendors to Be Sentenced by Federal Cybercrime Center

The General Public Prosecutor’s Office of Koblenz formally charged several individuals for distributing 5,300 grams of amphetamine. Three Bavarian citizens were indicted for jointly distributing “massive” quantities of amphetamines via the darknet.

Charges were filed by the Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate) Ministry of Justice where the suspects were to face charges. This changed once investigators discovered that the men shipped packages to the capital city, Mainz. No longer is the issue a regional issue, said a spokesperson for the General Prosecutor’s Office.

According to the Rheinland-Palatinate Ministry of Justice, two of the three individuals were major distributors. Those two, a 31-year-old and a 54-year-old, were considered the primary suspects in the case. The Rhineland-Palatinate LKA, in a joint investigation with the Customs Office and several other agencies, conducted the investigation.

Both men were indicted for selling cannabis, amphetamine, heroin, cocaine methamphetamine, and ecstasy. All were sold through a German-language “Darknet Market Forum.” Anonymous orders were placed via Bitmessage. Payments were made with bitcoin and the same-day-delivery was done by mail, the prosecutors told the Federal Cybercrime Center (LZC).


Prosecutors explained to the federal courts that, in total, the two men sold approximately 5,300 grams of amphetamine; 550 grams of heroin; 660 grams of cocaine; 400 grams of MDMA; 1,800 grams of hashish; and 1100 ecstasy pills. The above quantities were sold in a total of 570 orders.

One of the suspects, a 25-year-old, has been charged for the same crimes as the two primary suspects. He, prosecutors claimed, bought drugs from the 31-year-old and a 54-year-old to redistribute. The drugs were resold on the darknet and in the real world.

There was one other suspect police investigated and arrested with the aforementioned three. The last suspect, another 31-year-old, was not charged by the LZC for any involvement. He, instead, will remain in Regensburg and face charges at the local public prosecutors office. His charges came directly from the raid of the three initial suspects.

On November 8, police raided six locations in Regensburg. All four suspects were arrested and police found 11 kilograms of amphetamine, 150 grams of cocaine, 175 grams of MDMA, and 1,425 ecstasy pills. They also found, unexpectedly, 645 grams of marijuana and 72 cannabis plants at various stages of growth.

The drugs found, according to the prosecutor’s office, totalled $137,819. Similarly, police seized bitcoins worth $354,896 at the time of the arrest.

The cannabis plants belonged to the second 31-year-old suspect who was later determined by the investigators to be irrelevant to the darknet case. His case was deferred by the prosecution.

The initial three will be brought before a judge at the Mainz Court of Justice. A date has not yet been set.

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