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Man Who Almost Bought a Shotgun off the Darknet Threatens to Kill Family

The Federal Police (BKA) arrested a 33-year-old man for threatening to kill his family. News reporters were on the scene, surprised to see special forces raiding the family home. But the investigator’s office released details to clear things up. Police previously arrested the suspect for making attempted darknet firearm deals, they said.

In late 2016, the BKA made an announcement regarding the arrest of an unnamed 33-year-old. The arrestee spent nearly $2,000—in bitcoin—on shotguns and nine-millimeter ammunition. No weapon delivery ever occurred. And the general consensus was that the 33-year-old dealt with the police. Not a vendor. This was plausible; case investigators clarified that they would not return any bitcoins.


They released the man and announced that “no clear terroristic motives were recognizable. But investigators will be looking into the possibility,” they concluded.


“The BKA will continue to investigate organized crime and counterterrorism. This is a valid concern about the arms trade, smuggling and falsification of documents”, according to BKA President Holger Münch. “Especially with these offenses, steps to combat terrorism should be taken.

At the recent raid, Police officers filled the street and surrounded the house, KSTA wrote. But by the time special response teams made it to the scene, the wife and five children already left the house. They escaped unscathed.

A reporter on the scene mentioned the LKA making an appearance:

The area had been blocked off extensively before and during the arrest. It was reported that even vehicles were controlled. LKA’s officials were also on the scene. Glass splintered. As could be seen, the deployment forces had entered the dwelling-house over the terrace with dark vests and helmets.

The BKA arrested the suspect not long after entering the family home. He surrendered to the officers, the media reported, because he had no firearms. Only a knife. A spokesperson from the prosecutor’s office revealed that the suspect was not new. This was not the first or even the second time the 33-year-old was raided. In April 2016, the Customs Office in Frankfurt performed weeks of undercover investigation. After gaining sufficient evidence, police officers executed a search warrant.

After they completed the search, officials announced the findings. Police found illegal weapons, ammunition, weapon parts, and marijuana plants.

Following the death threat, police conducted a thorough search of the house. A dozen police stood in the street until midnight, reporters wrote. Officers would not reveal their discoveries after the search. Reporters made mention of explosives but received no official confirmation.

No further comments were made by police.

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  1. Aussie pub brawler

    more gun-grabbing BS!
    maybe its time people started blowing away these gun-grabbing bastards!

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