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German Internet Fraud Duo Sentenced

A 22-year-old and a 21-year-old was sentenced for committing internet fraud by Waldbröler District Court in Germany.

According to official court documents, the duo cracked email and eBay accounts and used victim information to purchase electronic devices, such as cameras. After they received the goods, they sold them for profit. Recently, the two fraudsters had to stand trial at Waldböler District Court. The reading of the charges against them took quite some time.

The younger suspect was 19-years-old at the time he committed the crimes, meaning he was under the juvenile justice law. He committed serious fraud in 85 cases. Judge Dr. Fabian Krapoth sentenced him to a year and six months on probation. The 21-year-old has to perform 25 hours of community service each month for charitable purposes. His companion was only charged with fraud in three cases. He received a fine of 60 daily rates of 25 euros each. He had been recruited by his younger partner and received 350 euros from him to crack three accounts and make them available on the internet, court documents say.

According to a source, the fact that both defendants confessed their crimes had a detrimental effect on the sentence. Their operation on the dark web and on the internet produced a loss of 18,000 euros to the victims. Judge Krapoth was sure that the two young men were not the main perpetrators in the case. He believes they had a inside man who told them what to do. The mysterious person was apparently named by one of the members of the duo. Police information says authorities are currently building up a case against the suspect.

“Overall, the fraud activities on the Internet resulted in a loss of around 100,000 euros,” said Judge Krapoth. In his estimation, the two suspects were not necessarily clever in their fraud but were clumsy.

Recently, a couple from Pirna, Germany was sentenced for using foreign customer data for fraud purposes. The man was sentenced to three years and two months in prison while the woman got away with 100 hours of community service. The 40-year-old man, with the help of his partner, ordered expensive goods from the internet, such as car spare parts, mobile phones, notebooks and tablets by using stolen credentials. According to court documents, they committed fraud in 20 cases. The goods were shipped to the couple’s address in Pirna. While standing in court, the 40-year-old man admitted all of his crimes. He said in his confession that he purchased various accounts from the dark web including logins to online banking, social media, and email accounts. The 40-year-old added that he committed the crimes after his company went bankrupt. According to him, it was a hard part of his life since he was separated from his partner and was a heavy drug and alcohol user at the time. The 40-year-old also added that the woman did not know anything about his deeds and he did everything alone. A police officer who searched the apartment of the woman confirmed the man’s statement. Despite this fact, the woman was still sentenced to 100 hours of community service.

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