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German Marijuana Grower Busted

On November 29, German law enforcement authorities arrested a 27-year-old Rosenheim man who operated a nationwide drug trafficking ring on the dark web.

German police had suspicion when one of the parcels the vendor sent was delivered back to the sender. However, the return address belonged to a travel agency who reported the issue to local authorities. Police worked along with postal workers to catch the suspect. Law enforcement authorities busted the dealer after a few months of investigation. According to police information, the dark net vendor did not write his own address on the parcels he sent, he always used travel agencies’ addresses in Rosenheim as a return address.

A close work between local police and postal workers led to a breakthrough in the case. They identified the mailboxes the vendor used for mailing out the narcotics. Shortly after, law enforcement authorities arrested the suspect when he was trying to send four parcels to his potential customers at the post office. His 23-year-old cohabitant was also detained when police performed a home search on the 27-year-old’s apartment. Both of the arrested are suspected of drug trafficking.

In the home of the two suspects in Frasdorf, law enforcement authorities seized 1.2 kg of amphetamine paste, 680 ecstasy pills, 65 LSD blotters and 1.7 kg of psilocybin mushrooms. In addition to that, detectives discovered a hidden room in the apartment. Behind a large wardrobe was a professional growery for marijuana plants. Police “harvested” 4.2 kilograms of cannabis plants and umbels.

According to police information, the investigation is not even close to being finished. They already built up a strong case against the vendor, however, they are looking for more suspects. Since the 27-year-old mostly dealt on the dark web, authorities are searching for customer information on the vendor’s devices and accounts.

Recently, a dark web vendor shop was busted in Regensburg, Germany. The police action resulted in the arrest of three persons who are suspected of drug trafficking on the dark net. According to police information, two of the three suspects ran a vendor shop on a German language “Dark Net Forum”. A 31-year-old and a 54-year-old are charged with the distribution of drugs on the dark net while a 25-year-old suspect is accused of buying narcotics from the vendor shop for resale. According to the General Public Prosecutor’s Office in Koblenz, the vendor duo operated their drug shop from October 2015 to August 2016. As most vendors, they only accepted bitcoins as a form of payment and sent the narcotics by post. Law enforcement authorities claim the vendor group sold a total of 5,300 grams of amphetamine, 550 grams of heroin, 660 grams of cocaine, 400 grams of MDMA, 1,800 grams of hash, and 1,100 ecstasy pills in 570 orders. German authorities conducted a police action in August, they raided six locations in the Regensburg area seizing drugs worth 130,000 euros. Also, from the 31-year-old, police confiscated BTC worth 330,000 euros.

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