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Are Cryptocurrency Social Tipbots Dead?

Cryptocurrency tipbots are apps that enable users on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, to send microtransactions or “tips” to other users. Although a year or so ago there were many cryptocurrency tipbots that enabled users to send tens of coins to anyone on the globe, many of those tipbots have stopped providing their services for different reasons, so are cryptocurrency tipbots dead?

A Brief History of Cryptocurrency Tipbots:

BitcoinTip was the first cryptocurrency tipbot ever to facilitate bitcoin micropayments between users on Reddit in July, 2012. However, BitcoinTip stopped functioning in April, 2014 after helping reddit users migrate to a new tipping service known as Changetip.

Changetip was by far the most widely used cryptocurrency tipbot in 2014-2015. In October 2014, Changetip processed more than 10,000 cryptocurrency tips per day between users on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Slack, SoundCloud, Twitch, Youtube, Tumblr and Google+. Despite the viral phase of growth during 2014-2015, the company announced lately that Changetip will discontinue its services by the end of November, 2016.


Following the success of BitcoinTip, Litetip was the first tipbot to enable Litecoin micropayments. In 2013, Litetip helped in introducing Litecoin to thousands of people all over the world via Reddit. After a brief downtime period, the moderators of the tipbot resumed the service on May 5, 2016.

The Dogetipbot is another one of the earliest cryptocurrency tipbots and it was launched in April 2013. The tipbot is still fully functional and is now the mostly used cryptocurrency microtransaction application all over the internet.

Following the success of Changetip, Litetip and Dogetipbot, tens of other tipbots were created. Most of these tipbots were only functional via reddit such as reddtipbot, blacktips, GRCtip, dgctipbot, tippero, TipPot and others. Tipbots like Cryptiv could be used to send micropayments via Twitter, Youtube and Twitch.

In June 2014, Facebook approved the launch of two cryptocurrency tipbots from White Puma on the social network’s platform:

1- Doge Tipping App: it only allowed Dogecoin tipping

2- Multicoin Tipping App: it allowed tipping of a large number of coins and the list of available coins was updated periodically with the addition of new coins and the removal of inactive ones. The coins supported included Bitcoin, Blackcoin, Digital Note, Potcoin, Darkcoin, Digibyte, BitcoinDark and others.

White Puma.png

(White Puma’s Multicoin Tipping App)

In 2015, White Puma’s Doge Tipping App and Multicoin Tipping App were both discontinued by Facebook.

Why Did Many Tipbots Discontinue Offering Their Services?

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies and legislations were the biggest hurdle ahead of many cryptocurrency micropayment providers and were in most cases the reason why many tipbots were shut down. On the other hand, ChangeTip received criticism regarding infringement of the internet privacy of users of the tipbot, especially due to linking of multiple social media accounts to one entity. Moreover, using tipbots on social networks can markedly undermine the anonymity of the sender and receiver of cryptocurrency transactions. For instance, a reddit user can connect their profile to the tipbot account, in addition to their Facebook or Twitter account which can lead to creation of a link between the profiles on different social networks or to identification of the sender or receiver of specific micropayments or tips.

Are there Any Cryptocurrency Tipbots That Are Still Working Today?

As ChangeTip has announced that they will shut down, you can safely say that today there is no well reputable service that offers bitcoin tipping or micropayments. Nevertheless, Dogetipbot is now the world’s most busy cryptocurrency tipbot; thanks to the friendly community of r/Dogecoin, Dogetipbot is continuously introducing Dogecoin, and cryptocurrency in general, to more and more people everyday via tipping through “giveaways”.

The following are the cryptocurrency tipbots that are still functioning today on Reddit:

1- /u/cagetipbot: for Cagecoin tipping

2- /u/dashtipbot: for Dashcoin tipping

3- /u/myrbot: for Myriadcoin tipping

4- /u/GRCtip : for Gridcoin tipping

5- /u/litetip: for Litecoin tipping

6- /u/reddtipbot: for Reddcoin tipping

7- +/u/piggytreats: for Piggycoin tipping.

8- /u/tipnyan: for Nyancoin tipping.

9- /u/scraptip: for Scrapcoin tipping.


The number of functioning cryptocurrency social tipbots has declined markedly during the past couple of years. Despite the fact that the remaining tipbots are a small fraction of what was present in 2014, this small amount of tipbots is continuously introducing cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology to more and more people every day.


  1. You guys should put up a NYAN donation address and/or post a link in /r/nyancoins when you mention /u/tipnyan. ;-)


  2. Monero has a multiplatform open-source tipbot called Tippero, check github https://github.com/tippero/tippero

    or watch it being used on reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/Monero/comments/3exgg5/tippero_is_awesome/

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