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How ZeroNet is disrupting the World Wide Web

The coming of the ZeroNet peer to peer network has the ability to restore the privacy most internet users lost via social media networks and other mediums; This is made possible by combining Bitcoin cryptography and the BitTorrent network which users can rely on to hide their IP address while allowing messages and files to be transferred anonymously.

What is ZeroNet?

ZeroNet is a decentralized and open source person to person web platform, using Bitcoin cryptography and the BitTorrent network to protect internet users’ privacy and promote the distribution of uncensored content. This content can never be deleted since the websites on this platform are being hosted (served) by its visitors, allowing the content to have no down time.

ZeroNet shows promise in its features, which allow it to be an innovative project

Anyone can host a free website using ZeroNet. Once a user visits your website on the ZeroNet, it is automatically stored by the user. Websites under this network are always online with no down time and can be visited even if the host is offline, as long as you have visited the website previously.

More so, it is impossible to shut down websites in the ZeroNet web platform. The ZeroNet also features a built in SQL server with P2P data synchronization.

All websites in the ZeroNet platform use the same domain type which comes in an IP address format and decentralized domains can be be registered using the Namecoin cryptocurrency., this method makes it is impossible for the website host to be traced and discovered.

Apart from its decentralized nature, ZeroNet users are be able communicate and transfer files within the network safely due to its encryption protocol from Bitcoin technology and the use of the Tor network.

How does ZeroNet work

When you create a new site on ZeroNet platform you get access to two keys; the private key, that is accessible to you alone to create new content for your website, with no central registry, and the public key, which is your site address, anyone can use the public key to verify if the website was designed by you. Every downloaded file is safe from malicious code or any form of modification as they are verified.

Website owners can also accept payment directly to site address, the Bit Torrent tracker is responsible for collecting and distributing IP addresses on the platform, thereby effecting the peer to peer exchange of the websites on the ZeroNet platform.

What is ZeroNet used for?

With the help of ZeroNet tool, users are able to create, browse and share peer to peer websites within the network. ZeroNet users also have access to Zeroblog, Zerotalk, Zeromail and Zeroboard for them to explore, create and share on the peer to peer network. These are extremely useful for those who seek privacy and freedom in their chats, emails and board messages, as they will get them in abundance on the ZeroNet platform.

How ZeroNet poses a challenge to web hosting companies

The ZeroNet platform might pose a great challenge to web hosting companies due to its innovative way of allowing users to design and host their website in a cost effective a decentralized manner.

This decentralized nature allows the websites to be scattered everywhere making server targeting impossible. Websites are hosted by visitors on the ZeroNet peer to peer network, and this, in theory, enables the websites to be online forever with no downtime.

Web hosting companies may want to review their packages in order to bring up innovative solution, with the numerous advantages and incoming features of the ZeroNet platform, most internet workers such as bloggers, content marketers and affiliate marketers may see huge opportunity in the ZeroNet platform.

Looking at the ZeroNet critically, this platform is also capable of content distribution with no censorship, guidelines or rules guiding the content production or distribution.

While this may be an opportunity for content marketers and other internet users, it may also pose as a threat as content that may not appeal to the public will be released with no censorship.

But the issue of privacy right among internet users is a something any one will want to get, ZeroNet has that to offer regardless of the perceived flaws it may have.

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