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Arkansas Duo Received Meth Via USPS, Explained Everything to the Police After Arrest

On Wednesday, December 14, Judge Timothy L. Brooks sentenced two Arkansas locals for Conspiracy to Distribute Methamphetamine. US Attorney Kenneth Elser announced that Allen Dwight Gailliot and Leslie Erin Curtis received 151 months and 121 months in federal prison, respectively.

DEA officer Christopher Kevin Sears filed a criminal complaint against the duo in early 2016. According to the criminal complaint(s), Washington County Detective Corey Whelchel received information from a confidential source about two methamphetamine suppliers in the area. The confidential source (CS) claimed that he/she saw several ounces of methamphetamine at a time. Another law enforcement officer, Detective Lawson, received similar information from a CS previously that year. The pair ordered, according to the CS, “pounds at a time through the mail.


On March 11, 2016, officers from the 4th Judicial Drug Task Force raided both of Gailliot’s Fayetteville apartments. They found “approximately 1/2 pound of methamphetamine.” In addition to finding the pre-packaged meth, officers found digital scales, baggies, drug ledgers, and USPS packages. The pair, before the raid, addressed the packages to the proper recipient. Elser made no mention about the police following up on the buyers of the drug.


Officers also found USPS packages from California, addressed to Gailliot. They also found the business card of a storage unit in Fayetteville that Curtis leased. Detective Sparkman and Detective Corey Whelchel found approximately 1853 grams of methamphetamine in a package during a search of the storage facility. Along with the methamphetamine, they found two boxes US bills totalling $4,750.00.


After officers initially arrested the pair, “Curtis told detectives that she and Gailliot would place orders for and receive pounds of meth at a time through the mail from California and would then distribute it throughout Washington County.” She similarly provided the investigators with keys to the buildings and storage units, access to vehicles, and her so-called ledgers. In Curtis’s Sentencing Memorandum, her defense attorneys explained that she told officers she was the CFO of the operation but failed to understand the context.

The “operation” to which Leslie referred was the lifestyle and relationship that she and Gailliot had, not just the drug trade, but also in their personal lives. As an example, when she got together with Gailliot, he had tremendously messed up teeth. She took him to the dentist and arranged for him to have his teeth pulled and for him to be fitted with implant anchored false teeth. She encouraged him to seek treatment of other medical problems at the VA Hospital in Fayetteville. She also took care of making sure that the rent was paid, and in fact paid it many months ahead. She was the financial controller in the household.

Judge Brooks sentenced Gailliot to 151 months in federal prison and three years of supervised release. Gailliot also received an order that required him to pay a $3,400.00 fine. The superseding judge sentenced Curtis to 121 months in federal prison and three years of supervised release. The judge required her to pay $5,900.00.

The full set of the US vs. Allen Dwight Gailliot and Leslie Erin Curtis documents are located here.


  1. Doesn’t even sound like the DeepWeb was involved here?

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  3. Um, time and time again: Don’t talk to the police! Don’t do their work for them!

    As plainly showed here in the article, it resulted in ~13 years of jail.


  4. Learn how to do math! 121 months = 10 yrs 1 month and 151 months = 12 yrs 7 months

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