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German Man Sentenced for Cyberbullying and Selling Electronics on the Darknet

The presiding judge at the Nuremberg District Court, on December 14, sentenced a 24-year-old to three years and five months in prison. The Lower Saxonian man faced charges that involved computer fraud, computer sabotage, incitement, violence, the spread of both animal and child pornography, along with data spying. His indictment included additional charges, but those received the most focus. “These actions take my breath away,” the presiding judge said.

In the courtroom, observers heard some of the “breathtaking” actions of the 24-year-old. For instance, he shipped socks that contained pork innards to unknowing victims. Racist items and bomb-making chemicals arrived in the mailboxes of people who were none the wiser. One person in particular, the judge said, faced the majority of the suspect’s bullying: a YouTuber from Franconia. The accused “made life difficult for the YouTuber,” several sites reported.

On one occasion, the 24-year-old made called in a fake bomb threat that pointed towards the victim’s residence. The emergency call triggered a significant number of police officers and firefighters. Furthermore, he once sent a bomb to Lufthansa and made a reference to the aforementioned victim. The reference, the courtroom heard, was a wrongful rape accusation. The 24-year-old made the YouTuber look like a child molester with several child pornography videos.

According to the presiding judge at the Nuremberg District Court, the accused stirred up trouble with refugees and Muslims via extermination videos on Youtube. The offender, known as “BasedGod” on YouTube frequently fought with YouTubers of other nationalities. One of the primary victims used the name “Drachenlord” or DragonLord in English.

“It is frightening how someone mobbed other people, insulted them and endangered their existence, just so that he could have a good laugh,” the judge said.

The 24-year-old, according to the judge, was a new type of offender. The defendant earned money by ordering electronics online for other people. He found a way to exploit various systems and avoid paying for the goods. Then he would, via the darknet, distribute them to the original buyer. He earned a commission from each sale. That stolen property, the judge said, went on to be sold abroad. “The man had been only a small cog, but without him, it would not work,” the judge said. The 24-year-old endangered the existence of many YouTubers, according to witness reports.

Before the trial started in November, the prosecution and defense settled upon a plea deal. If the 24-year-old made a full confession, his penalties wold be far less severe. This agreement shortened the sentencing process; officials set the original court date in April 2017.


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