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Convicted German Sentenced To Probation

A 31-year-old man from Geretsried, Germany, was sentenced to five years of probation for ordering large quantities of amphetamines from the dark web.

In August 2015, the industrial mechanic ordered 250 grams of amphetamines from a Germany-based dark net vendor. He gave his mother’s address for delivery, which worked smoothly for the first time. However, the second package was mismarked and 95 euro cents were missing. The seller provided a legit company’s address in Dortmund as the return address. When the parcel was sent to the return address, the firm alerted law enforcement authorities. After that, police swiftly traced back the narcotics to the 31-year-old suspect.

“The prosecution is correct without any ifs and buts,” Thomas Pfister, from defense, said in the courtroom. He explained that his client consumed one-third of the amphetamines and sold the remaining two third for profits to finance his addiction. The defendant confirmed his lawyer’s statement. According to the 31-year-old, at the time he was using “a lot of amphetamines” to escape from problems he had.

“At that time it was not possible to start the day without speed,” the accused said. When law enforcement authorities knocked on the suspect’s mother’s door, she was so shocked that the woman had a nervous breakdown. This eventually led the 31-year-old to rethink things.

“I told myself, it cannot go on,” the suspect said. He told the court that he “suffered greatly from what I was doing to my parents.”

In the past 15 years, the Geretstried man has been on trial for 11 times. The cases included the disturbances of public peace, bodily harm, insults, theft, and drug possession. He was imprisoned in several instances. The 31-year-old had been recently sentenced to eight months in prison for incitement. Despite the fact that the man offended during open probation, the court showed “one last time generosity”. At the current case, the prosecution recommended two years and four months, while the chairman and two appointees applied for a two-year sentence. The decision was hard, however, it was for the suspect’s own good.

“Does he learn, does he get it, or is he blind again?” Judge Helmut Berger asked with a good dose of skepticism.

“Once again probation is a gift, but also a loan – which can be demanded back,” Pfister said in a statement. “No matter whether he [the defendant] steals a chewing gum or not.”

The court sentenced the suspect to five years of probation. In return for his freedom, the 31-year-old has to pay 4,000 euros to Caritas, refrain from any drug use, and prove it for at least two years by taking part in regular screenings and treatment.

Due to the lack of information, it is unclear whether the 31-year-old was sentenced to two years of probation or five for ordering narcotics from the dark web. The most possible answer would be two years since the man was serving a probation period when he reoffended.

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  1. the man most likely got a prison sentence of two years, with an probation time of 5 years.

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