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Child Suicide “Game” Videos Being Sold on the Darknet

The Ukraine National Police reported the discovery of massive “suicide networks” where the owners encourage children to commit acts of self harm. These networks, as the name indicated, only succeeded once the child committed suicide. The owner or administrator of the group then sold the videos on the darknet, the press release explained. Often the exploitation started as a game.

Cyber Police in Ukraine published a 209-name-list consisting of adult participants. The police made several arrests but the investigation is still ongoing. Many of the registered accounts came from Ukraine and very little few came from outside Ukraine, investigators announced, at this point. The police’s press release was majorly aimed at encouraging parents to keep a closer eye on their children.

Officials asked the following of parents in Ukraine:

1) Check the skin of a child for damage, in particular to pay attention to various kinds of damage in the form of a whale.

2) Check the child accounts in social networks and groups, which include account. Check the contents of communication in private chat rooms.

3) Pay attention to the child’s social circle.

4) Take your time baby sports or cultural sections.

5) Monitor and photo and video gadgets for children.

6) Set function “parental controls” on all gadgets baby.

According to the announcement, the cyber division of the Ukraine National Police found online communities where adult members found children willing to commit suicide. The administrators or site owners required the children to apply or register before becoming a verified member. This would often include a psychological evaluation and a specific type of task.

The task or quest according to the investigators, often involved photos or videos depicting various forms of self-harm. Each quest and necessary photo or video came with a time limit, otherwise the applicants would be rejected.

Cyber investigators found 50 different types of “quests” that the administrative entities made applicants perform. These quests that often or always involved self-harm and decided who was true candidate for the suicide group. The ultimate goal for users of these sites was not to watch videos of children cutting or harming themselves, but rather the more extreme: watching their suicide.

After performing increasingly painful and harsh forms of self-hate, the children killed themselves. However, unlike many more common examples of a child’s death, the young people recorded how much they hated life and wanted it to end. They then committed the final act—this entire event occurred via a live audio or video stream where the website admins controlled everything. They gave the order and instructed the child on how to finish the job.

The streams, now in a recorded format, found their way throughout the darknet; the group’s administrator sold each video for being amounts of Bitcoin, depending on unknown factors.

A similar investigation is underway in Russia.


  1. wtf? What shit man can do this? Pervert not the right word. Only a sick mind, a lousy son of a bitch

  2. Dimitri Ukrainov

    Sounds like completely made up fear mongering in the vein or air bagging and toad licking. Why did the children participate?

  3. You gotta love propaganda.

    Ukraine seems to be to seek attention because they are still left out of the EU deal :)

    Creative way, to get more EU / US / CA funding.

  4. This just sounds like fake redroom shit.

  5. Do you’re research before shouting out your stupid hatred BS.

    There has been over 100 suicides already in RU related to the blue whale game.

    Most of these kids were from “intact” families where education and carrier are the main focus, a lot of them are under major pressure for all of their life. Kids that have to grow up in such conditions are an easy target and already suicidal in the first place.

    IMHO this is all just showing us that something has gone extremely wrong somewhere along the way. I think what is happening with this blue whale game has also got to have a positive side effect, once they realize that shutting the groups down will have absolutely no impact, as long as the actual cause remains unresolved, they will be forced to fundamentally change something about our system or they will lose a lot of their future population.

  6. The Goyim know, their is a kike behind the admins screen order the hit after their ASes AI generated a Goyim Child Sacrifice to Bail!

    I know the Holocaust is fake, but I know at this rate there will eventually be a real one!

  7. I love the peanut gallery on here… you fucking retards must have a blast sticking your head in the sand, and living in NeverNever Land huh? Must be nice
    I hope it’s one of your kids who off’s themselves on video, so they can entertain a handful of sick fucks. See how “completely made up” it sounds when you’re burying your own son or daughter. I’d love to see how funny you think that would be… Don’t worry if you ignore a problem long enough or pretend it doesn’t exist, it usually just goes away… keep it up fellas… well done.

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