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Young German Ordered Weed From Dark Web – Sentenced To Community Work

An 18-year-old from Waldheim, Germany ordered marijuana from the dark web. When his parents found out, they imposed a house arrest on their son. Additionally, the juvenile court sentenced the defendant to community work.

According to official court documents, the 18-year-old ordered 120 grams of marijuana from Canada. However, he never received the package since customs intercepted the parcel. When authorities examined the seized narcotics, they measured 7.5 grams of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the substance, which is three and a half grams above the legislated limit. This makes the amount of narcotics ordered a large quantity.

When the suspect’s parents found out that their son ordered marijuana from the dark web, they imposed a house arrest on the 18-year-old. They did this after the defendant explained to them why customs officers were searching their house. However, since the suspect was between the age of 18 and 21, the court considered him as an adolescent. After they heard about the house arrest, the court considered whether the accused person could be classified as a youth and “fall under the blessings” of juvenile justice, or as an adult facing the full severity of the law.

“It is not customary to punish an over-18-year-old with house arrest,” the court said, explaining why they applied the law of juvenile justice on the suspect.

“They did not know about anything,” the student said. The student admitted his crimes and explained the court why he ordered the narcotics from the dark web.

“I wanted to sell the marijuana,” he explained. “I’m grateful to the customs officer for catching the package. Who knows what evil circle I would have gotten myself into.” Soon after the investigations started, the defendant took part in drug counseling.

“Since then, my school performance has improved,” the 18-year-old said.

According to the juvenile court, the suspect had “a high amount of criminal energy”.

“Instead of simply going to the Czech Republic and looking at what is there, you have entered the depths of the Internet,” the juvenile judge said. The judge also explained to the suspect what would have happened to him if juvenile justice wouldn’t apply to him. According to official court documents, the defendant would face two years in prison if he would be an adult.

“You can imagine how long you go would to prison. On the other hand, house arrest is harmless,” the judge said.

The juvenile court of the District Court of Döbeln found the 18-year-old guilty of illicitly importing narcotic drugs and warned him. In addition, he has to take ten appointments in addiction counseling and was sentenced to 200 hours of community work. The judgment is final.

In February, a 20-year-old from Amstetten, Austria was sentenced to six months of probation for ordering narcotics from the dark web for resale purposes. Similarly to the 18-year-old German’s case, the 20-year-old received a lesser sentence since he was under the juvenile law. According to official court documents, the defendant ordered speed, ecstasy, cannabis, hash and LSD from the dark net. At first, he only purchased the narcotics for his own consumption, however, later on, he started selling them. During the trial, the suspect confessed.

He showed remorse and admitted that he ordered the substances from vendors located in the Netherlands. When the court asked him how he knew about the dark web, he said he found information on the internet showing him how to place orders on dark net marketplaces. The 20-year-old consumed the drugs he bought for a time, although, he had a financial crisis and decided to traffic the substances. According to police information, the defendant made about 7,800 euros in profits from the narcotics trade, however, when the judge asked about the money, he said that he “spent everything”. Law enforcement authorities caught the trail of the suspect when customs officers intercepted a package full of narcotics. Soon after, police started investigating the case. During the house search, investigators found various kinds of drugs. The 20-year-old was sentenced to six months of probation. In addition to that, he has to pay back all the profits he made with drug trafficking to the state.

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