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EncryptoTel: A privacy-focused telecommunications company

Privacy has become a somewhat rare commodity that, despite being shrugged off by some, is extremely valuable to some people. However, being able to attain privacy in today’s Orwellian society can be a challenge, your smart phone, computer and even TV can be used to spy on you.

“Privacy is a right, but it is one that must be exercised actively and deliberately.” EncryptoTel Whitepaper

Cryptocurrencies are currently in the forefront of financial privacy. As so, other projects or companies are beginning to realise how useful these can be, not only as a means to provide anonymous or pseudonymous payment methods for services or goods, but also as a way to kickstart a project and gather a community.

This is exactly what EncryptoTel, a privacy-focused telecommunications project, is doing. Having organized a crowdfunding campaign that has so far gathered $1.5 million, EncryptoTel will issue cryptocurrency tokens dubbed EncryptoTel Tokens (ETT).

The EncryptoTel token is one of the first dual-blockchain tokens that resides both in the Ethereum and Waves blockchain through the use of a technology called BlockSwap, which allows tokens to be moved from one chain to another. The total supply of ETT always remains the same, however, as in order to move the ETT from Waves to Ethereum and vice-versa, the token will be locked in one chain and released on the other. This allows the token to provide additional features for holders who can take advantage of these very two different blockchains.

EncryptoTel will accept various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Litecoin, as a form of payment. However, using the ETT token will allow you to collect additional discounts which is a way to increase demand for the token. But what services are these exactly?

The company provides a variety of telecommunication services that are focused on user privacy

and security for individuals or companies. EncryptoTel does this by combining existing applications and technologies with new ones.

Their main product is a virtual IPPBX, as well as easy integration of encrypted VoIP into existing IPPBX networks. This allows for greater efficiency and versatility, since almost every

business is connected to the internet and uses high-speed broadband infrastructure. As so, the IPPBX system offers substantial advantages at a low cost overhead when compared to legacy telecommunications systems.

These services are highly accessible and don’t require any additional infrastructure or office equipment. Any internet-enabled device will do the job. If companies or individuals want to use telephones via the VoIP gateway provided by EncryptoTel, they can do so with any modern computer.

The commercial launch of the final EncryptoTel product is scheduled for 2018 with many developments planned in between. A beta version of the product is already available in the official website. Although EncryptoTel is currently developing its own secure connection network, this beta versa already offers traffic encryption based on SIP/TLS technologies.

To learn more about EncryptoTel, make sure to read the whitepaper and visit the official announcement.

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