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Drug Vendor And Reseller Arrested In Sweden

Law enforcement authorities detained a narcotic vendor in Umeå, Sweden, who allegedly sold the illicit substances in closed groups on Facebook and on the dark web. Investigators also arrested a man from Taby, Sweden, who allegedly bought large quantities from the main defendant with the intention to resell the illicit substances.


According to the police information, a 27-year-old man living in Umeå had conducted an extensive drug business on the darknet together with his partner. It was revealed through the course of the investigation that the 27-year-old had ordered large quantities of drugs including, prescription pills, hallucinogenic mushrooms, LSD, and amphetamine, from the Netherlands and other abroad countries. The defendant allegedly paid in bitcoins for the drugs.

After parts of the narcotics arrived at the 27-year-old’s home, he allegedly created a vendor profile on a darknet marketplace, where he started selling the drugs. According to the police information, the defendant also advertised his illicit products in close groups on Facebook. Law enforcement authorities added that the suspect managed the payments via Swish, a mobile payment system popular in Sweden. However, since all transactions on dark net marketplaces are conducted in virtual currencies, such as bitcoin or monero, there is a big possibility that most of the payments were sent to the 27-year-old in cryptocurrencies. It is not clear though, whether the defendant created closed groups on Facebook dedicated to the sale of narcotics, or he posted his advertisements to groups that were managed by others.

According to the police information, the drug operation of the 27-year-old must have generated over 300,000 SEK (34,520 USD) in profits. The 27-year-old attracted police attention when he attacked a controller of the radio service. Authorities did not disclose any details on the arrest of the defendant, however, since the case is quite fresh, we can expect additional information soon.

Law enforcement authorities also arrested one of the customers of the 27-year-old. According to the investigators, the 31-year-old from Taby bought 3,600 prescription pills (there is no information, which kind of substance did he buy) from the main defendant in the course of three months. When police arrested the man, during his interrogation, the 31-year-old claimed that he bought the narcotics since he felt unwell, and therefore started taking drugs when he was not able to renew his prescription medications.

The 31-year-old pleaded guilty to most of the charges against him, including three counts of drug offenses of normal degree and 15 cases of minor drug offenses. Since it did not take very long for the defendant to confess the judge already announced a verdict in his case. Despite the fact that the 31-year-old ordered large quantities of drugs from a dark web vendor, the judge sentenced him to community service. The reason for the lesser punishment might be, that the defendant told the truth to the police and only ordered the narcotics since he could not renew his prescription medications.

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