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Hacker leaks Naked Pics at dark web stolen from Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Hackers broke in Grozio Chirurgija, a cosmetic surgery clinic and stole about 25,000 private photographs including nude photographs as well as personal information.

The deputy chief of Lithuania’s criminal police bureau Andzejus Raginskis told reporters about a group of hackers called Tsar Team. They broke into the servers of the Grozio Chirurgija clinic earlier this year and demanded a ransom of more than half a million dollars not to leak information of customers from Germany, Denmark, England and other European countries. But the clinic refused to pay the ransom and afterward, the hackers leaked private information and nude photographs onto the Dark Web.

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First they tried to extort directly from the clinic, demanding 300 bitcoins, which are now worth about 600,000 euros. Seeing that the offer did not work, they lowered down the ransom to 50 bitcoins, about 100,000 euros.

Subsequently they went directly to the patients in the database, demanding between 50 and 2,000 euros for information depending on the sensitivity of the stolen material.

According to the director of Grozio Chirugija, Jonas Staikunas: “Customers, of course, are in shock. I would like to apologize. Cybercriminals are sending malicious emails to customers with inappropriate messages.” He added that several clients received threats that if they did not pay the sum of 2,000 euros their social security information, passport information, nude images and other data would be made public.

As for the clinic, the sum of 344,000 euros was requested to prevent the leakage of all the information and photos of the clients, but the clinic refused to pay the demand. After the threats were not addressed, hackers began filtering some images in March, but it was not until Tuesday that they leaked a database with client names and personal information. Police have not yet been able to determine the number of affected clients but several hundred are estimated as victims.

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From this experience, the clinic patients have been warned not to fall into the trap of the extortionists, and they should not download any of the files that these hackers (extortionist) can send them to prevent any possible future attack.

The Lithuanian police are now working with other countries and have warned people that those who download and store these information and photographs on their devices can also face problems with the law.

Source: theSun.co.uk, news.co.au

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  1. And why would they keep all this material on their servers?

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