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Alphabay death: Wondering which market is Headed to the Top? Here is some insider info!

Update: Added Ramp (Russian) –  Which is the most significant after AB

So everyone is wondering which will be the next big market. I thought I could shed some light on that using data I use from a site which is pretty much the number one source for all DNM links. This site has great presence on good searches. Here is a brief explanation:

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Impressions & Clicks – These two features address how many pages from this site will appear on google for search queries containing the market name (we can assume all) since they are ranked on the first page and they are also prominent search terms leading to the site through various sources. Moreover, the amount of times they were clicks, shows up the various pages revealed to the search query for example:


** Data is provided by Google Webmaster Console which collects ITS OWN data , and not internal data from the site while giving site owners an overview of how Google sees the site.

The other metric: Searches on the site – is simple how many times people entered the site search terms that relate to the specific market in DeepDotWeb’s internal search.

The last metric: How many visits there were on pages inside deepdotweb that their focus is some specific market (filtered using google analytics).

** All  data is from the past 28 days until now – 12/7/17.

See the table below and conclude which market has the best chance to get the most significant market share, although this might change to new events. It gives a pretty accurate picture of the current trends and the objective data seems pretty straight forward:

Name Impressions Clicks Searchs on site Hits on related pages

RAMP (Russian)

58,618 23,413 363 210,271

Alphabay (Defunct)

323,452 67,713 1,116 408,016

Dream Market

56,430 32,467 451 227,470

Hansa Market

55,629 16,811 1 98,090

House of lions

74 25 1 9,023

Darknet Heroes League

578 275 11 7,499

Apple market

177 14 2,680 6,727

WALL ST Market

885 68 4 5,593

The Majestic garden

2,353 849 1 4,655


811 244 5 3,576

Zion Market

327 14 3 3,325


260 103 7 3,061

Pyramid market

9 0 0 2,699


8 4 1 1,932


50 11 104 396


  1. This is totally wrong, House of lions and Silkroad3 are possibly the biggest shit on earth.

    • DeepDotWeb

      Yet they are popular, this is hard data. Don’t mean they will be Top, just a comparison of the current markets popularity status

  2. Top was Agora, must back and will be all good
    AB will be back? FBI find one server in Quebeck? and Therefore is AB down ??

  3. RAMP is insecure. he want javascript active. thanx but, no thanx :D

  4. China Numba Wan

    Does anyone have any infos on the influx of people on different markets, rather than clicks on google? By simple logic Dream market should become the next #1. Hansa could rise up too but i hope not. There have been enough AB retards and trolls coming to Hansa already in the last week

  5. Ill go with WallStreet.
    Nice UI, and very good Support
    Also they support Multisig which is the way to go in my opinion.

  6. Looking for a vendor with Blueshards and black tar try wallstreet mkt

  7. RAMP almost dead.

    All of the people will migrate to HYDRA within 2 weeks.

    Now you can see rise of HYDRA online ))

  8. Will AB ever be active?

  9. Dream is starting to ramp up with servers a bit overloaded. Does not have the same forums as Alphabay. So guess we need a decentralised forum.

  10. has anyone seen goodfellas ?

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