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Interview with a Top Alphabay Accounts Phisher

Ok who are you and what do you do? (online persona of course)

Hello I am Phishkingz, and I dominate the phishing scene on the darkweb. I will provide a PGP sig.

What makes you think you dominate the darkweb? I see SO many phishers with different methods?

The volume of accounts I have had since operating on Alphabay is obscene. I have made over $1M in the last year phishing just Alphabay.
I am a well-known vendor but I don’t want to link my vendor name. However my phishing link is well known and I will provide it now.

https://www.deepdotweb.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/login1.png https://www.deepdotweb.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/pin.png

What is your method? Cloner? Fake logins? Etc?

My main method is cloning. I am able to obtain the login details syncing, and the mnemonic phrases, as well as any PGP private key and password and pin code.

But are you an Onion cloner? Is it on the fly and you change the deposit address?

No, I used garlic software to clone the onion links, and tumblers and to mix the BTCs.


I have a trade volume on local bitcoins of about 500 BTC in total. This is all on an account I created 1 year and 2 months ago. Everything is stolen BTC from phishing and I have a cryptopay.me account that has had over 400,000£ worth in BTC over the last 6 months. Phishing is very profitable on the darkeweb.

How do you get traffic to your links?

I started on the forum. You see, there was a glitch that allowed me to see new members the second they joined… so I would then send them to my link with a verification process. They would see my made up fake verification page. I would use a bb code message like this:

This info is quite hilarious.

Indeed it is. Sometimes I would have to laugh at myself with the massive amounts of bitcoins that these people would throw at me, and us phishers out there.

How did you know when someone made a deposit? And how did you withdraw it fast enough?

I would save a bookmark using blockchain.info/address/hhhhh and then I would highlight 50 at a time every 20 minutes checking for deposits.

You took it out manually or with some auto script?

I used a bot for cashing out but it took weekly maintenance to keep up with the updates on the bay. The admins were very good at closing loopholes and updating captchas etc.

So all these “I made a deposit and good kicked out claims,” was this you the whole time?

All of them. Sometimes I would go to the forum on big hits in order to take the credit. I hated the admins and mods getting the credit for my work. At one point I had 27 people working for me running phishers without knowing I could view the account all the time via my own link.

And now after AB is gone?

Since the downing of the bay I have moved to Dream Market and already made 4 BTC since yesterday launching the new site. With the migration many of my old accounts now work on Dream. I have had a few active vendors.

Did you have any communications with any admins to try to arrange to stop? Or any admin tried to attack you in some way? Like DdoS your phishing sites?

Yes, but to no avail. The admins didn’t really care about their customers, and it only took opening a support ticket with a problem to learn this. BM (Big Muscles – an Alphabay moderator) especially is a stupid one. He would let me into accounts for 50% if I provided mnemonic phrase knowing I had phished the account in the first place.

Don’t you feel bad in some way for stealing simple people’s money?

I do feel bad but I also feel like I am teaching them a lesson they need to learn in places like these. They should be happy I’m a phisher and not a fed.

Lol what a shit show it was over there.

Tell me about it but I dearly loved it. There will never be a market quite like Alphabay, so damaged but so good… I shed a tear when I realized it was gone for good. I never phished anywhere else only AB.

Time will tell. Do you also phish for our users or any other onion / clearnet site beside markets?

No, I only ever phished Alphabay until I migrated to Dream yesterday accepting AB is gone.

What made you want to be so revealing now?

I’m not so sure. I just saw the opportunity for an interview and went for it, also I really like deepdotweb. It has been a part of my life for years. It always has great articles and to be one of them would be an honor.

Thanks! I must say it is refreshing for me as well to do an interview about something different which is not another vendor looking for a free ad.

Phishing can be rather funny. Some of the things that I have seen in those professions you would not believe. Some people are really dumb and should not be on the darkweb at all. That’s just ridiculous if you ever have any vendor posting up info. I wouldn’t mind taking them of your hands.

Yes, as experienced comment moderator on this site I can testify about the horrible things I encountered like people posting their addresses and credit card numbers.

https://www.deepdotweb.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/dreamlogin.png https://www.deepdotweb.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/dreampin-1.png

Anything else you want to add?

No, but thanks. I think that will do it :) It was a pleasure talking with you, and I need to get some sleep now. PhishKingz, keep your bitcoins safe and don’t click randomly or your coins are mine!

Alphabay is now gone  –  Choose a new market here!


  1. PK, get in contact, i want to learn to be a fisherman :)

    contact – {removed}

  2. Ha ha! Great interview. More of this sort of thing please.

  3. I highly doubt that he made 4 BTC on Dream Market.
    On Dream Market there is even a phisher warning.

    “We have a new system on the MP to distinguish who is who.
    Vendors are getting [VENDOR] tag, Customer are getting [ CUSTOMER ] and WE have [SUPPORT] tag.”

  4. PhishKingz official contact

    btw phishing on dream is rife any easier than AB support unlock pins with no proofs


  6. cancer for him


    Hash: SHA256

    Version: GnuPG v2


  8. I find it quite amusing that someone like this, thinks he is enjoying himself at other peoples expense. You need to go outdoors Mr Kingphisher….or whatever you call yourself. Eh? get a girlfriend or something….

  9. Does he work for you? because you have posted phishing links on this site. Fucking faggots

  10. what a nut

  11. 50BTC for the first person who kills him and his family – bonues 1000 if they can drag his painful death out for 12 months.

  12. It’s GaneskUK operates under sligtly sifferent name on DM but same products and bumb enough to include his orginal name in some.

  13. trumphastinyhands

    He’s either seriouslymentally ill or mentally deficient. Howmany hours will it be before he gets doxxed and his btc robbed

    Enjoy spending the rest of your life running from interpol and cartels. Even if it was neabt to be a joke, your fate is sealed.

    Do you feel any guilt by mzking DDW siteprime targets too? You snitched on them for ‘fun’ in the interview – perfect example of how vulnerable and clueless your are; loselips sink ships.

  14. trumphastinyhands

    Took all of 20 minutes to work out who you are. Thanks for revealing your method – had wondered why some random immediately PM’d me on the forum with such and obvious fake/phising email.

    Other readers – It’s the spam one that asked you tocomplete more steps to ‘fully verify’ uor account on the forums.

    What a fuckwit.

  15. should I dox him?

    • oh dear

      Dont try to work for this guy, make your money honestly. Hes clueless concerning hacking/computer security and you will go down with him…pride comes before a fall.

    • gromez

      Agreed the guys clueless and was easy to find who it was, but no point – there’s already a load of vendors on other sites working together toshowhimthe differencebetween him livigninhisMum’sbasementandwhathappensinreallife – whether he meant this as a pisspoor satire or not.

      Best spreading word of new DDW sites to trusted people as the people who write for here will recieve the same treatment.

      Thenks OP and DDW for destroying the whole non-violent ethos of dw sites – again jokeor not your days are numbered (none of this is a threat from me, just trying to teach autistic kids how crime works and how utterly fucked however many days they survive for will be).

  16. LittleMusclesGiantSchlongski

    Like I said in the Alphabay links comments when everybody said “AB will be back even BigMuscles said so” BIG MUSCLES IS A PYLE OF CRAP THIEF AND A NUMBSKULL DIPSTICK, WITH DUST FROM HIS MOTHER’S SUMMER’S EVEN APPLICATOR ON HIS NOSE!!! That schmuck was scammin AB users the whole time and it seemed as if 90% of the time you opened a ticket for anything on AB there was good ol lilpeckerBiGMuscles to spew his stupidity in one way or another being an ignorant prick who’s only nailed the vag he were bore from! Suck it AB and eat popcorn instead of your mother’s vaheena BITCHMUSCLES!!!


    Hash: SHA256

    PHISHKINGZ CONTACT phishkingz xmpp jp (JABBER)
    Version: GnuPG v2


  18. on epoch of this fucked web 2.0 also the loosers have space. one idiot that cloning website and stole money of other people is considering hero? is this a hacker? a cracker? or what? this is a thief. no. a lamer thief

  19. Don johnson jr.

    Your know karma is a bitch so is the FBI and IRS and stealing is so cool you let thousands upon thousands know your method. Your just invited hundreds of people to compete against.

    But yeah your dedication gonna have a shitty life. Well you do already. You have a lot of BTC. Yay. Now what. Buy a BMW? Honestly you should consider therapy your not teaching anyone a lesson your stealing their money.

    But whatever makes you feel good about hurting your fellow cryoto darknetmarkets and drug users.

    Did I say please get hit car yet? Please do it a bus. But in the end you’ll make a mistake and the IRS or wherever shit 3rd world country your in is going to have your ass raped. Hello I wish I could rape it with a huge black dildo and stick a few broken needle tips in there.

    I’ve never been fished but shame on you. And shame on deep dot web for essentially encouraging this behavior like it’s cool.

    Good work guys
    You both helped destroy an already crippled community.

  20. This guy sounds like mrfungi

  21. this individual is doing his best to anger all the wonrg people currently… people who know who he is.

  22. This is a direct message for Phishkingz:

    We know who you are. You’re dead, fucking bastard. Keep an eye on your family too. Not kidding.

  23. Wow guessing he’s upset a few buyers along the way.keep those coins safe people

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