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The Jailed Silk Road Owner, Ross Ulbricht Transferred To another Location without Notice

Ross Ulbricht, popularly known as the `Dread Pirate Roberts´, the owner of the infamous Silk Road market, has been transferred without any prior notice to the family. The family paid a visit to him, and upon the visit, they realized that their beloved, Ross Ulbricht had been transferred away from the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York.

The news that came after his arrest was in series, and it seems not to have ended. The family publicly announced the transfer of Ross on Twitter, and they did not realize until the next day. Ross is now in another correctional unit. The tweet states that: “Ross called, and I am so happy to hear from him. He’s at OK City Fed’l Transfer Ctr being designated to a prison. He’s in good spirits.”

Ross Ulbricht, the Old Silk Road, the Law

The Silk Road Darknet website was arguably the popular market on the internet in 2013. The founder, Ross Ulbricht was arrested by the FBI on series of criminal counts. He was charged with computer hacking, money laundering and in possession of narcotics which is illegal by law.

It was reported that He was the first person to be arrested in Silk Road related case, for using the website as a medium to deliver MDMA and cocaine to Europe.

Before the FBI closed down the website, it was listed as a platform that encouraged the operation of hackers, the sales of firearms, counterfeit cash, ammunitions, and forged IDs. It also supported the services of hitmen. Christopher Tarbell, FBI cyber crime specialist who led the investigation said, the Silk Road website “sought to make conducting illegal transactions on the Internet as easy and frictionless as shopping online at mainstream e-commerce websites.”

Ross was a successful Darknet market owner. This website generated $9.5 million bitcoin in sales revenue. Also, the site owner obtained a commission of about 600,000 bitcoin.

His arrest was engineered by the cooperation of the FBI and an overseas hosting company which hosted the infamous Silk Road. With the cooperation of the local enforcement, the private messages of “Dread Pirate” were accessed by the FBI. Even though the website prohibits the sales of weapons and the solicitations of murders, the actual operations of the website say otherwise. It hosted over 1,000 dealers who delivered illicit drugs to over 100,000 buyers all over the globe.

Ulbricht was given a life sentence by Judge Katherine Forrest of Manhattan’s US District Court for the Southern District of New York. The sentence which was read to the court by Judge Forrest states that: “The stated purpose of Silk Road was to be beyond the law. In the world you created over time, democracy didn’t exist. You were captain of the ship, the Dread Pirate Roberts. You made your own laws.”

The Silk Road website had 10,000 items for sale on 2013. Cannabis, MDMA, and heroin formed part of the 7,000 drugs for sale on the website. It was a successful website monetarily.

Ulbricht begged that “I know you must take away my middle years, but please leave me my old age.”

He added that: “I’ve changed. I’m not the man I was when I created Silk Road.” He continued: “I’m a little wiser, a little more mature and much more humble.”

Despite the plea and other arguments presented to the court to reconsider the sentence, the Judge dismissed all those arguments.

One argument which presented to the court was that the Silk Road has reduced harm among drug users. They presented that the drugs on the street have been reduced because of the website; however, the Judge dismissed the argument. The Judge said: “No drug dealer from the Bronx has ever made this argument to the court. It’s a privileged argument and it’s an argument made by one of the privileged.”

She added that: “The idea that it is harm-reducing is so narrow, and aimed at such a privileged group of people who are using drugs in the privacy of their own homes using their personal internet connections.”

There were numerous efforts to appeal the life sentence, but all failed as the arguments presented were not convincing enough.

The co-founder of the website was also arrested by the police, and the website has been shut down by the FBI.

The booming of Darknet trade begun with the closure of Silk Road, and it is said that the preference given to this news by the media created the consciousness of Darknet existence. This attracted many markets into the online trade network.

Ross Ulbricht is now on the journey of his life sentence.


  1. Prisonisjustanothercitywithinacity

    The truth hurts, and the feds hate the truth.
    The truth is he made the street level drug deal safe for tech savvy people.
    Ross has made some mistakes, but being a mandatory lifer for setting up a dark market seems a bit extreme. The community should learn the lesson, use proper OPsec, and don’t trust anyone (escrow through a market, and private sites trusted only, as every scammer sets up a fake escrow on their own site)
    Learn the easy way (by reading) or learn the hard way (doing time)

  2. FBI wana make us think he did it??? rip #SB

  3. This is so unfair. Creating a website should not be a crime. He is not a drug dealer, just a webmaster, who created a free market. Free Ross!

    • nine

      ofc he deserves jail time, but not fucking lifetime tf

    • Billy

      Webmasters on an e-commerce website have to setup categories, etc. So he willingly and knowingly created categories that he knew were illegal. You can’t just create a marketplace, put out a sign advertising an illegal product, and claim a marketplace defense. (Personally I feel he should have gotten between 10-20 years, consistent with other drug dealers, not life)

  4. what a sick fuck that judge is.

  5. Is he ever eligible for Parole??? I’ve seen the documentary, but dont remember if they touched on it. The man is a Legend in my eyes. SR1 was the shit!

  6. it would be harsh but he attempted serveral hits on people one being a fed.

    • Billy

      He was never tried for those crimes however. Give him an appropriate sentence for running the website (say 10 years), then try him for the separate crime(s), and if found guilty, give him an appropriate penalty. I personally know people who have committed ACTUAL MURDER who served their entire sentence – 15 years.

  7. Yeah spank that’s what did him in. If that wasn’t the case then I’d be inclined to agree that the sentencing is too harsh, but I can’t. I love Ross, the idea of a free market and the community that was started earlier this decade. It’s sad but there was a price to be paid for this to have been created. Ross paid that price.

  8. Not being funny but this is all about money or rather the perception of money laundering. There is no proof that the so called “hitmen” were anything other than scammers, no proven link.

    Here in the UK he may have got 6-8 years, never a life sentence. It tells us a lot doesn’t it? Take a look at the sentences of some of the members from tlz, some got 4 years, 2 years, some even got probation and suspended sentences for raping children.

    It’s a sad world when not paying your taxes incurs a harsher sentence than most other crimes. Money, money, money.

    And to take away a young man’s life for these reasonably petty crimes is a disgrace.

    Then of course we have the 2 agents who were indicted, both had access to ross’s key and messaging system so they could have easily created a bit of extra “evidence”

    The comment above about trusting onsite escrow? WTF! Either go direct or use multisig, letting a market store funds in an escrow wallet is like a red rag to a bull! Sooner or later those millions will become too tempting.

  9. “beantown
    Yeah spank that’s what did him in. If that wasn’t the case then I’d be inclined to agree that the sentencing is too harsh, but I can’t. I love Ross, the idea of a free market and the community that was started earlier this decade. It’s sad but there was a price to be paid for this to have been created. Ross paid that price.

    we can assume that Ross can enter in modern history to had open and creating new mind thinking, like other sacrificed people for the good prosper of humanity.
    what is have done was reprehensible by US law but not totally just… another great man sacrificed for the advancement of humanity… hope he will finish his life well, free ross.

  10. Robin Oliver Graves

    If my memory serves me correct, I recall there being a lack of sufficient evidence to charge Ross with any of the alleged contracts put on any persons life? Reading the comments above me seemed to suggest the sentencing of life imprisonment were a result of such…

    Let this man’s martyrdom not be in vein, rather a catalyst for change. Stark reformation must be vigilantly sought for our corrupt justice system. Complacency is the devil, and the GP must be convinced that settling for the “lesser of two evils” is not necessary. It is a scientific fact that one negative thought or action requires three positive thoughts, or actions to counteract them.

    We do not have to condone terrorists (aka LE) ruining our lives. We can put a stop to this fear mongering. Don’t forget you can donate to Ross.

  11. fucking judge , is heavy rip dpr

  12. They wanted to make an example of him, so that in theory no-one else would create such a website. This however blew up in their faces and now there are plenty to choose from. I would open source the technology so that vendors can set up their own shops. It would take the attention away from the markets and allow LE to concentrate more on what they’re supposed to be doing…..protecting citizens.

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