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Ex-NASA Scientist Arrested in Hyderabad for Dealing Drugs

An ex-scientist who used to work for US space agency NASA has reportedly been arrested on “Drug peddling” charges according to the prohibition and excise sleuths.

The culprit, 29-year-old Anish Dundoo, a US citizen happens to be an old grad of Doon School located in Dehradun. It is a reputable school which is noted for the enrollment of children of Central Ministers and people of very high pedigree. He was an employee with NASA for one year before he relocated to Hyderabad to set up a business of his own in 2012.

Anish’s apprehension came as a result of critically analyzed cell phone records obtained from 10 other narcotic peddlers who were also apprehended over the past weeks. A total of 1.2 kilos of cannabis and 16 units of LSD, a very sophisticated drug were clutched by sleuths during the arrest in his Secunderabad office.

Anish obtained his Bachelor’s degree in aerospace, aeronautical and astronautical engineering from the Cincinnati University in the US. According to reports, officials involved with the investigation stated that the culprit is presently dealing in Bitcoin trading and also had been using Bitcoins as the mode of payment for buying drugs on the Darknet. He is believed to be into other businesses aside from the Bitcoin trading.

“Highly qualified people like Anish indulging in narcotics peddling is a big shame,” said an investigating officer.

The information provided by Anish after his arrest also lead to the capture of one Ritul Agrawal, a 26-year-old businessman. He is said to be dealing in steel which happens to be a family business. According to reports, he also had graduated in business administration from a very prominent management school located in the city. He (Agrawal), too, was found in possession of narcotics. He and Anish would order the material online and pay using bitcoins/crypto currency. Agrawal was later arrested from Nampally.

“The accused have stated that these NDPS substances are delivered by courier bearing the Netherlands markings,” the officials said. Also, five people amongst those apprehended are said to be B Tech graduates who were working in the film industry, hospitality and MNCs.

With Agrawal’s arrest, the number of people arrested for their alleged participation in this row has now moved to 12. The main focus of this tumult was on narcotics peddling such as MDMA (methylenedioxy- methamphetamine) and LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide). MDMA which is also commonly known as ‘ecstasy’ or ‘molly’ is mostly used as a party drug whiles LSD is one of the most powerful drugs for mood changes. It exists in both liquid state and tablets.

Anish and Agrawal go way back to two years ago when they first met through their friends. Ritual had since been his ally in the narcotics business acting as his pusher. They both told sleuths that the parcels of drugs they received by couriers have postage markings of the Netherlands. They were brought up on the court and then sent to judicial remand afterward.

Excise sleuths arrest of Anish came as no surprise as they were still trying to catch people involved in the illegal drug trade. The city for some time now has been in the news for busting drug rackets some also including many Tollywood personalities.

The probe has revealed that the 29-year-old engineer had, in the last few months, accessed dark website ‘Lunacy’ at least eight times and ordered various quantities of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances or NDPS (such as cocaine, LSD, MDMA), according to the officials.

With further investigations, based on their phone records, it was revealed that over hundreds of school and college students were into purchasing these drugs. “Some of the students are in 8th and 9th grade,” an official said. “The students were spending up to 4,000 per week to purchase drugs,” an investigating official said. The excise sleuths have also been getting into contact with management of about 16 colleges and 20 schools advising them to enlighten their students and staff about the dangers and implications of drug or substance abuse. They further asked the school managements to keep tabs on stores situated near their campuses. Unusual behaviors amongst students are also to be kept an eye on. All of this comes as a result of the disturbing development in this case.

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