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Man charged in Wales for Dealing in Dangerous Darknet fentanyl

The dangerous drug fentanyl from the Darknet has hit the UK, and it has contributed so much to the rise of the drug overdose rate in the nation.

A 25-year-old Kyle Enos in Wales has been arrested through the investigation of the National Crime Agency Investigation for flouting the drug law of the country. He was arrested on the ground of importing, supplying and exporting the dangerous fentanyl from the Darknet market.

Fentanyl, after arriving through the Darknet, buyers choose to use them on themselves or sell them on the street. The drug fentanyl has been on the radar of the authorities after it was linked with series of overdose death.

The authorities, after receiving information that Enos used the Darknet to purchase illegal drugs, conducted an investigation which led to his arrest. A lot of people are involved in drug trafficking in Wales, and it has resulted in the emergence of a lot of drugs which has put the country on the map of high overdose death.

Fentanyl is reported to be more dangerous than the heroin sold on the street. In fact, this particular drug has been a nightmare to most countries in Europe.

Ian Cruxton, the National Crime Agency deputy director disclosed the threat imposed by the opioid and the action being taken against its peddlers; “The threat of synthetic opioids is not new. However, since December 2016, we have seen a number of drug-related deaths linked to fentanyl and carfentanil.” He added that: “The NCA has been working with partners, both in the UK and overseas, to take action against those drug dealers who are playing Russian roulette with the lives of their customers by mixing synthetic opioids with heroin and other class drugs.”

A recent report shows that Wales and England have a record number of drug related deaths. 3,774 people were victims of drug poisoning in Wales and England in 2016 according to the Office for National Statistics.

According to the report, the fentanyl related death was 58 and also linked to another 60 death in the UK since December last year.

Cocaine which is also normally imported through the Darknet marketplace also placed second in the overdose death as its figure increased significantly from last year.

The Kyle Enos charge is meant to be a sign of “no mercy” to the other peddlers as the authority seeks to bring an end to the drug overdose crisis.

Nick Wilkie, Gwent Police Detective Chief Inspector classified the Enos case as an isolated incident, and said that they will continue to work to control the overdose of the fentanyl; “The arrest of a 25-year-old Newport man by the National Crime Agency for a fentanyl-related offense is an isolated incident.“ He added that: “We will continue to work with and support the NCA on the crackdown on the use and distribution of fentanyl. if anyone has information on the use or supply of fentanyl they are asked to contact us on 101 or you can call Crime-stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

Just last year, UK was reported to have the Europe’s largest online drug markets. Authorities have said that they will work to address the issue of the fentanyl distribution.

“The emergence of this illegal drug in our communities is a concern and something that we are looking at closely with our colleagues. It is a dangerous substance and appropriate enforcement action will be taken where we receive information of possible production or supply of this dangerous substance,” said Superintendent Jon Cummins.

The Darknet drug trade which does not restrict users of all nationals operates on a browser which hides the identity of buyers and sellers. The cryptocurrency used for transactions also keep users in the dark, hence making it difficult to expose them for arrest.

It was just last year that the government spokesperson said that the drug misuse has decreased. He also said that the government has put up measures to tackle the illicit drug trade.

He said: “While drug misuse is lower than 10 years ago, we are absolutely committed to reducing it and the harm it causes. That’s why last month the Government released a comprehensive new drug strategy, setting out a balanced approach which brings together police, health, community and global partners to tackle the illicit drug trade protect the most vulnerable and help those with drug dependency to recover and turn their lives around.” However, the drug misuse has risen again according to the recent reports.

Enos has been remanded and he will appear before the court on August 29th.


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