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After Being Shut Down by Google and GoDaddy, Major Neo-Nazi Site Moves to Darknet


A major neo-Nazi and white supremacist website has been taken off of the clearnet when several of their service providers suspended their accounts. The site, known as The Daily Stormer, has been called the “top hate site in America” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. On Sunday, August 13th, GoDaddy announced on Twitter that The Daily Stormer had violated their terms of service and that the site had 24 hours to move their domain to another domain hosting service provider. The Daily Stormer came back online briefly after it switched to Google domain hosting services, but the return was short lived, as Google decided to terminate their account as well for violating Google’s terms of service.

The site had used Contact Privacy, a service which allows people to privately register domains, and Tucows, another domain hosting service terminated The Daily Stormer’s account. Cloudflare then terminated its services with The Daily Stormer, which allowed the site to become vulnerable to DDOS attacks. Hackers under the banner of Anonymous have declared war on The Daily Stormer, and defaced the neo-Nazi website in response to a post made on the site mocking Heather Heyer, a woman who died during violence at a protest in Charlottesville, Virginia. Hacktivists hacking under the Anonymous banner have attacked racist groups in the past, such as with 2015’s Operation KKK. During Operation KKK hundreds of KKK members names were leaked. After the neo-Nazi site was hacked and taken down through the series of domain hosting account suspensions, the founder of The Daily Stormer explained that the site would be moving to the darknet. With sites which are run as hidden services on the Tor network, a 16 character alphanumeric hash is generated from a public key and is used for the .onion address, unlike with sites hosted on the clearnet which depend on registering with domain name registrars and domain name hosting services.

“The Daily Stormer will be live internet prison with drug dealers, terrorists, and perverts, which is where we’ve been exiled to, for all time. We should have a real domain online within 24 hours. If it gets shut down again, people will know we are on the black web,” Andrew Anglin, founder of The Daily Storm, told VICE News. “The Tor hidden service will now be a permanent part of our infrastructure and always accessible,” Anglin continued in his statement to VICE News. Later in the statement Anglin made to VICE News, he went on to complain about the state of free speech. In a tweet from The Daily Storm’s Twitter account, the administrators of the site complained that they were now receiving very few Bitcoin donations, and accused Coinbase of shutting down accounts of people who donate to their site. Apple and PayPal have also cut off financial services to racist organizations. Facebook and Reddit have begun to crack down on allowing their sites to be used for racist discussion groups.

The Tor Project issued a blog post recently in which they condemned The Daily Stormer’s racism. In the blog post, The Tor Project said that it was “disgusted, angered, and appalled” by everything The Daily Stormer stands for. The Tor Project goes on to say in their blog post that because their software is designed to protect human rights and privacy and to fight censorship, they have no way of stopping neo-Nazi groups from using their software to run and host darknet websites. When tools are designed to protect privacy and free speech and free expression, then they must also protect the rights of people who espouse even the most unpopular views. If such anti-censorship software cannot protect people who espouse unpopular views, then it cannot protect anyone. In the Tor Project’s blog post they note how the project works to protect the very human rights The Daily Stormer opposes. It is ironic that the neo-Nazi site must flee the clearnet and use software which is designed to protect the rights of many of the people the neo-Nazis oppose.


  1. Aussie pub brawler

    uh, you kinda sorta forgot to mention that several other sites like, for instance, StormFront and IncogMan, were also taken out by these leftist stooges……
    re: StormFront…there is serious legal action pending ….. most likely $a billion$ law-suit…..
    inevitably, the domain registrars will be subject to anti-trust law-suits….they cannot continue to claim that they are ‘private companies’ and thus escape legal censure….that argument didn’t “wash” for Ma Bell back-in-the-day and it won’t wash for these companies that pretty much totally control who does or doesn’t get internet access…

    • leftists hide under your bed ----- BOO!

      Butthurt cause your retarded hate sites are refused hosting by private companies. hahahahahahahahahahahaha

      • uh….yeh…lol
        well…they ain’t “private companies”….any more
        they now qualify as carrier monopolies like Ma Bell back-in-the-day…
        that makes them subject to anti-trust law-suits…
        as abv…
        this will all be decided in the courts…prblby hafta go all the way to the SCotUS…

  2. Aussie pub brawler

    It is ironic that the neo-Nazi site must flee the clearnet and use software which is designed to protect the rights of many of the people the neo-Nazis oppose

    the “people” the neo-Nazis oppose (viz: feminists, minorities, non-Europeans, sexual deviants etc) have got all sorts of rights in Western nations…many more rights than the average person has…

  3. Aussie pub brawler

    Hackers under the banner of Anonymous have declared war on The Daily Stormer

    yeh…well…they ain’t really that anon.
    i think you’ll find that most of them originate in Tel Aviv or there-abts….via the local MOSSAD office! ☹

  4. This guy above me a dipshit

  5. protonionneutron

    Shutting down free speech is not what the internet is about. These same people responsible for pressuring advertisers and domain providers (comunists/socialsists) are the ones forcing private cakemakers and orchard owners to make and host their deviant homosexual events. Their sexual perversions get protected status while your basic free speech gets revoked.

    Drudge appeared on Infowars last year and warned everyone that the big attack on Free Speech was coming. Now it’s here. Nationalists != NAZIs. I don’t agree with these people, but I’ll fight for their rights because I know that by depriving them of their free speech rights, I deprive myself of that same right.

    • Alright Mr.Proton I am officially tired of far right nutcases who are sheep to infowars/breitbart propaganda such as yourself, who provide nothing to society than whine about the left and turn a blind eye on the corruption that also occurs within conservative propagandists. Both antifa and neo nazis and people with your type of mentality are parasites and a cancer to western society. You sound like a typical far right sheep. It is 2017 and people who still associate homosexuality with the “devil” are slowly diminishing.

      • fuck liberals

        The left is a terorrist group. Keep taking away peoples rights and you will cause a civil war, and we all know who will win ;) Definitely not the faggot liberals who don’t even know what bathroom to use.

      • usconstitutionclassstarship

        When Larry Flynt went to court against Jerry Falwell, the Supreme Court basically opined that free speech includes unpopular speech as well.
        As much as I don’t like the opinion of these people, and their site, we are obligated to allow unpopular free expression as a part of the US constitution.
        I am as liberal as the next guy, and when it comes to people and their body I believe in their freedom to do whatever they wish as long as they only hurt themselves. So taking away anyone’s rights simply because you disagree with their views is a slippery slope. That slippery slope includes taking away the rights of people like right to life, pro choice groups, racist groups, progressive equality groups, women, and more. So maybe you should rethink that, as the founders of the USA would be appalled at the idea that we create a minority and give it all of the rights. Rights are for everyone equally under the law.

      • Aussie pub brawler

        nah…i associate homos with jews….they pushed the whole homo and femi-twat agenda…..

  6. How can we conquer Europe back people!! islam is going to take over everything, they make far more childeren than Europeans! its a simple calculation so we need to find out what to do before it is really too late!!

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