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Charge Sheets to Be Filed On the Hyderabad Darknet Related Drug Bust

The progress of the Hyderabad drug bust has been impressive and effective so far. The Telangana’s Prohibition and Excise department arrested 22 people accused of peddling high-end designer and recreational drugs from the deep of the internet called the Darknet.

The investigation into the arrest has been a smooth one, and the recent news reaching us is that a charge sheet will be filed from next month. This will be another stage of the Hyderabad drug bust which has brought around 100 people into the investigation.

Akun Sabharwal, the Excise (enforcement) director said: “We had a series of meetings with our legal advisers and public prosecutors also… my assessment is that we should start filing charge sheets from September. Keeping in view the forensic science reports on body fluid samples…we expect (by) September to mid-December on the filing of charge sheets in all the cases.” He added that the majority of the documentation has been done: “Laptops and cellphones (which were seized from arrested accused) analysis is also being done.”

The earlier stage of the investigation revealed that some few notable men including a former NASA scientist, several BTech degree-holders employed with multi-national companies, and other nationals were involved in the Darknet drug peddling scheme. Later in the investigative process, celebrities like Telugu film personalities were all summoned to assist in the investigation into the act that led to the purchase of the lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) from the Darknet.

In total, 11 cases have been registered since the department’s Special Investigation Team conducted a successful raid on July 2, 2017.

The street of Hyderabad has been overflown with illicit drugs peddled from the Darknet and distributed in different forms. Drugs are sold at vantage points, mostly to customers targeted in some of the hotels. LSD is also sold in Tablet and liquid forms on the streets.

Akun Sabharwal expressed his satisfaction with the progress of his team and advised the society to do away with drugs: Things kept on growing from there and the whole thing broke out after one of my officers was attacked. I personally feel the job that we had set ourselves out for has been achieved in a great measure.” He continued: “We need to understand as a society that we need to shun drugs and not addicts, and everybody needs to be clear about it that it is the drugs we are against and not addicts, and there has to be a fine balance between punishment and reform.”

The investigation into this case revealed that a lot of high school students are involved in the Darknet drug trade in Hyderabad. The police have recently made arrests and more are expected to be announced in the coming days.

The drug network on the internet was recently attacked by authorities with the intention of eradicating it outright. Either the intention to make Darknet trade a thing of the past has been achieved or not, the drug trade is still ongoing.

Pub Owners Recently Appeared Before the SIT for Interrogation

The charge sheet which will take effect from next month will be extended to all arrested peddlers. The SIT recently ordered pub owners to appear before the authorities for interrogation.

Some of the owners of pubs sell the drugs under the shadow of music and the sale of drinks. The hubs in the Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills are the main targeted areas. The Excise officials held a meeting with the various representatives of hubs which led to the suspension of the license of F-Club and in Film Nagar.

An official said to reporters that: “We will explain to them that no drugs or any other narcotics substances can be sold, consumed or exchanged within their premises. They will also be told that punitive action will be initiated against those pubs and bars, if any, which are found to violating the rule. We want to minimize any of such instances (drug usage or distribution). It is the responsibility of the pub owners to ensure that banned stuff is not used in their premises.”

The investigation into the Hyderabad drug bust will soon be finalized, and all arrested suspects will be prosecuted according to the Law.

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