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The Son of a Politician Arrested in a Darknet Drug Raid

The drug raid in Germany has moved from the streets to the home of an influential politician in the country. In the past, many drug traffickers were arrested after they were found guilty of purchasing illicit drugs from the Darknet. Most of the Darknet related arrests in Germany involved weapon trafficking. The investigation by the authorities has now taken them to the son a politician.

Following the recent emergence of high-class illicit drugs from the Darknet marketplace to the country, the Landeskriminalamt collaborated with the customs investigation office in Dresden to conduct a large scale investigation into the Darknet. The investigation proved to be successful in the past and has once again achieved its purpose, as a 31-year-old son of a famous politician in Germany was arrested for purchasing drugs from the Darknet.

The investigators discovered a bunch of narcotics in possession of the arrested suspect whose name has been withheld for good reason. A source close to higher officials confirmed that the authorities conducted a search in the house of the suspect, and the number of drugs discovered was enough to serve as evidence for his arrest. His father, the politician is yet to comment on the arrest of his son.

The authorities proved their seriousness when they raided some parts of the country this year to arrest nine drug traffickers including four Islamic militants.

Germany has conducted many raids to track down the source of the narcotics which is responsible for many overdose deaths and bad behavior in the country.

Berlin recently underwent an operation to dismantle drug trafficking which is rampant in the country. Despite the many arrests, authorities still continued to raid more homes which have brought the son of the politician behind bars.

More raids are expected to happen in the future and more arrests are expected to be made.

The search in the house of the son of the politician led to the seizure of half a kilo of cannabis, heroin, ecstasy, tablets, and thousands of euros in cash. All these drugs are suspected to have been purchased from the Darknet. The Stuttgart prosecutor believes that the Darknet is responsible for designer drug use.

The use of the Darknet is not illegal in Germany, but the activities performed on the network are what call on the authorities to pursue the users. Most of the websites on the network are also illegal due to the services and the kind of trade they offer. Harold Schwartz, a German politician admitted to this when he said: “Even though the use of the darknet is not illegal, current studies show that 57 percent of Internet sites are illegal, and are often used for drugs or arms trafficking.” German Darknet crime is increasing.

More Arrests Are Expected to Be Made Following the confiscating of ecstasy pills

Aside from the arrest of the son of the politician which has grabbed headlines, Germany police have also arrested a 51-year-old man and his 17 years old son for trafficking Trump shaped ecstasy pills from the Darknet.

The pills which are sold on Darknet marketplaces has the slogan “Trump makes partying great again”. These were discovered when authorities conducted a car search and seizure of 5,000 pills. $45,800 dollars was also confiscated by the authorities.

The Darknet is no longer a problem to the authorities just as the US Attorney General Jeff Session said some time ago: “We will continue to find, arrest, prosecute, convict and incarcerate criminals, drug traffickers, and their enablers, wherever they are. The darknet is not a place to hide. We will use every tool we have to stop criminals from exploiting vulnerable people and sending so many Americans to an early grave.”


  1. “Have brought the son of the politician behind bars.”…… it’s only a matter of time before he is released and the cover up is established….

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