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Two Arrested for Trafficking “Donald Trump” Ecstasy Pills

German authorities arrested two men during a routine traffic stop for possession of thousands of ecstasy pills. The pills, to law enforcement’s surprise, unmistakably resembled U.S. President Donald Trump. One news outlet even called the pills “carrot-colored” ecstasy pills.

The men at the traffic stop in the northwestern German city of Osnabrück, had five bags of the ecstasy pills. They had stuffed the bags to the brim. Mr. Trump covered one side of the pill and the reverse side bore the President’s name. Austrian authorities, among others (and the public as the information is essentially common knowledge), reported that these pills are currently sold on the darknet with the catchphrase “Trump makes partying great again.”


Police counted a grand total of 5,000 pills. The pills alone were worth $45,800. In addition, the police found cash in the car. Specifics unknown. After exiting the Peugeot 307, the 51-year-old father and his 17-year-old son explained that they had simply been in the Netherlands for a vehicle purchase. It apparently fell through and they had to return without a second vehicle. They were headed for the Alps Republic when Austrian stopped at the traffic stop in Osnabrück.

In July, British media reported that labs in Amsterdam pumped the pills out and traffickers brought therm into the country in large amounts. This was not the first time a state entity had blamed the Netherlands for a relaxed drug policy. Outside authorities claimed that the Netherlands law enforcement failed to shut down critical drug manufacturing sites and labs. Fittingly, in May, Austrian Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka (ÖVP) said that the majority of illegal drugs, especially those on the darknet, had originated in the Netherlands and then spread across more than 60 countries.

Austria’s chief drug crime official, Dieter Csefan, said that after the United States, Austria received the majority of the Netherlands drugs. He explained that the underground labs in the Netherlands pumped out roughly 500 kilograms of various substances every week. And the Netherlands is well known for the distribution of MDMA.

The purchase value of the ecstasy pills amounted to $12,798. Authorities are currently unaware of what the two had planned to do with the pills, but at that quantity, the chances of them having bought the pills at street value—roughly more than $45,000—were incredibly slim. One report announced that the two claimed they had purchased the pills in the Netherlands and wanted to take them to their home country. “They did not come far,” the news station reported.

German law enforcement towed the car and arrested both the father and the son. A court date was not revealed to the public.


  1. Funny thing is how they cry about netherlands not knowing most of labs are set up in Uk/scotland just shows how Police has actionally no power untill things leave the lab.

  2. Oh man. Lat thing I would want if I was under any drug is to do one that looked like trump that could alter my mindset at all. The desciption is great “Carrot-Colored” heh. Hell I would worry about having a bad trip and look down at a baggie going “you’re fired” at me lol

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