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UK Government on Search For Cyber Experts to Crackdown on Dark Web Criminals

The UK National Crime Agency (NCA) is actively recruiting cyber experts and dark web analysts to focus on the crackdown of illicit drug rings and operations being pursued by dark web marketplaces.rsz_16733391312_178055d01d_b.jpg

Specifically, NCA is on a lookout for G5 Armed Surveillance Investigator in the Armed Operations Unit, which according to local sources will cooperate with the Intelligence and Operations Directorate to lead investigations into dark web marketplaces and their illegal activities.

Earlier this year, DeepDotWeb reported that the UK has seen a drastic increase in dark web activity across many regions. According to a report covered by DeepDotWeb in June released by the Global Drug Survey, a staggering 25 percent of British drug users have been acquiring illicit substances from dark web marketplaces. In fact, the rate of dark web usage amongst illicit drug users of the UK was the third highest in the world, behind Norway and Finland.

A month after the release of the international drug survey by the London-based drug research group, the UK government and its law enforcement agencies including the National Counter Terrorism Policing Network declared a nationwide warning against dark web users. NCTP further emphasized that merely visiting dark web marketplaces could be considered by the law enforcement as a sign of terrorism.

On August 23, an NCA representative stated that through active recruitment of cyber security experts and dark web analysts, the government intends to lead the crackdown of dark web marketplaces that are conducting illegal activities involving drugs, weapon distribution and money laundering. The representative also noted that other serious criminal activities such as people smuggling and sexual abuse of children will be targeted by a newly formed and strengthened group of investigators.

“We are leading the UK’s fight to cut serious and organised crime – intelligence development allows us to build a comprehensive understanding of complex and varied threats such as firearms, the sexual abuse of children, people smuggling, drugs trafficking, economic and cyber crime. We pursue serious criminals – those who consider themselves above the law,” said the NCA representative.

In an extensive article, DeepDotWeb previously revealed that a prominent business journalist and analyst Anthony Hilton described dark web marketplaces as well-structured businesses. From financial activities to distribution, Hilton explained that most large-scale drug rings and illegal operations within the dark web are currently being managed and overseen like major conglomerates. Specialists in software development, hacking, finance, distribution, money laundering and network management lead independent departments to build and maintain well-structured and large-scale operations.

In its latest announcement, NCA stated that it is well aware of the sophisticated nature of many dark web marketplaces. NCA investigators acknowledge that dark web marketplaces are being run by career criminals and professional enablers, which makes investigations into popular dark web marketplaces and drug rings significantly more difficult.

Still, like the US law enforcement’s successful efforts in shutting down some of the world’s biggest dark web marketplaces such as AlphaBay, the UK government and its law enforcement agencies aim to cooperate with other law enforcement agencies across the globe to takedown dark web criminal organizations.

“Be they career criminals, professional enablers or those who lurk on the dark web, we will disrupt and bring offenders to justice. Our education campaigns are helping to change behaviour. We work in partnership with other law enforcement agencies, government and private and voluntary sectors,” NCA stated in an official announcement.

In the past year, the NCA has successfully led to 1,763 arrests domestically and 1,300 arrests overseas. With new recruits and a strengthened team of cyber security experts, dark web analysts and investigators, the NCA plans on launching dark web-targeted investigations in the upcoming months.


  1. The UK Police got NOTHING. With more and more censorship you’re going to see more people using Tor and VPNs. The more popular Tor becomes the harder it’s going to be to track individual users.

    • faggotsoftor

      you mean pedophiles?

      • Ah, the great pedophile bogeyman — great for scaring average joe-shmo into giving up his freedoms and ensuring censorship, all in the name of saving the children! Oh, you don’t want to lose your god-given right to privacy? You must be a pedophile!

        Tell me faggot, what is your real name and contact details? I suspect you are a pedophile. If you don’t tell me your name and contact details, it means you are exercising privacy, and therefore must be a pedophile.

  2. Hackers dont want to work with those sick SOBs…. they will do anything to go after the markets since they dont like competition. But, if you turn in pedos to the FBI who are running server inside the united states and are less than a 10 minues drive from a satellite office they block your emails. Sure they take out some low level pedos but is you turn in elite ones literally in the act red handed to their cyber operations guys they block you. And just to be clear its a felony to not investigate that.


      Very true, just look at Robert H. Richards IV (rich pedo) let of with raping his own baby. sicko

      Officials managed to keep the case away from the public spotlight for a while…

  3. I Forgot My Name

    I think it is very problematic for law enforcement to be relating the mere act of visiting a darknet market with terrorism. Nothing like conflating curious kids with terrorists. They would be better at catching actual terrorists if they were not wasting so much time on chasing little Bobby who just got Tor and is looking to see what the fuss is all about.

  4. “merely visiting dark web marketplaces could be considered by the law enforcement as a sign of terrorism”

    oh ffs what is it with these douchebags labeling everything they don’t like as muh terrorism? haven’t they consulted a dictionary? oh wait, its so they can claim lots of money towards fighting “”terrorism””, whatever that means at the moment. the uk is trying its best to be 1984 by redifining words to suit an agenda.

  5. Do the idiots not realise that 99% of us are users, lmao dream on scum bags….

  6. Aussie pub brawler

    Be they career criminals, professional enablers or those who lurk on the dark web, we will disrupt and bring offenders to justice

    in yr dreams!

  7. This is a slippery slope they’re climbing. Simply using TOR makes you a terrorist now? Orwell had the right insight apparently… he was just 33 years off.

    Roughly 50% of all TOR users on at a given time are just curious noobs that want to see what it’s all about. They have no real interest in buying drugs or guns, they just think it’s cool that you can. Too young to even own credit cards and know nothing about Cryptocurrency or PGP encryption. And most veterans are running scared now after recent happenings, afraid to make buys. It’s safest to assume that all the major markets have been compromised at this point. I bet they’re infiltrating Dream Market right now and building profiles on the vendors there. At the very least it’s no longer safe to ship overseas and deal with customs. And as a buyer not safe to post your own address. Even if it’s encrypted if they’ve turned that vendor you’re toast, and they’re turning more each day. Sure there will always be some willing to take the risk (mostly druggies that can’t find a local dealer), but they’ve already effectively stifled most of the activity, and they should be satisfied with that. No need to go all 1984 on us. I only get on anymore to look at the news, like this.

  8. * Only about 3% of tor traffic targets onion sites (dark web).

    * People mostly used it to overcome geo or political censoring.
    Youtube for example is completely blocked in Turkey.

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