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German Man Caught in International CP Bust

In Erfurt, a German city in the state of Thuringia, a 34-year-old confessed to sexual abuse charges that stemmed from his actions on a darknet chatroom. The 34-year-old Gotha man was one of 50 caught in a international child abuse network sting operation. At the District Court of Erfurt, the judge—one who had dealt with similar cases—spoke of his shock while reading and hearing the 34-year-old’s case.

The men, including the defendant who confessed his crimes at the District Court of Erfurt, had contributed directly to the abuse of a child through the darknet. On a hidden service chat room, the 50—or more—men had paid the family (father and mother) to abuse their two year old daughter and either stream the footage of upload it at a later time. While the price that each participant had had the parents of the 2-year-old has not yet been discussed, the 34-year-old paid 5,000 euros to participate in the violent abuse of the innocent victim.

Judge Holger Pröbstel, the presiding judge, said that the case had sickened him despite his long history of dealing with child abuse cases. The prosecution found it relevant to read aloud the chat transcripts in front of the Court. The transcripts, beyond a shadow of a doubt, proved that the 34-year-old both paid and issued commands that directly controlled the rape and abuse the child had endured.

According to the defendant, he had stumbled across the hidden service by accident and in boredom. He quickly learned that the girl he would be virtually controlling—through a proxy who would carry out the actual abuse— was only two years old. He admitted to the Court that this was when he realized that his sexual preferences were “a problem” and that the preferences probably required therapy.

The legal council, speaking for the defendant, explained that the man had realized what he had done. He had learned the full weight of his crimes. While the defendant was in police custody awaiting a hearing, he “became more and more aware of the abominable act he had supported and committed,” the lawyer stated. The lawyer explained that his client knew punishment was in order, but asked if, instead of prison time, the client receive probation. And to this request, Judge Pröbstel responded with a “maybe,” of sorts.

Pending an independent psychiatric evaluation, the defendant could receive a pre-trial diversion. The prison sentence would be mitigated upon completion of a probation period and compliance with any other stipulations the judge requested.

The father and mother of the young girl received a sentence of 10 years and nine months and a sentence of 10 years, respectively.


  1. Why can’t people love children?

  2. 5000 euros for a stream thats a lot of money, like almost 6000 USD or something.

    For that money he could pay any eurotrash woman to fuck here senseless and do SM on her and she would probably want another date as long as money was coming. I’m told many euro women are so fond of money they would do anything for that much. With all that money he could even afford a stud or two to fuck her while he watched.

  3. We live in a crazy world, hope karma will do his job

  4. The other couple – Peter Frank and Ursula Schroeder -also involved were from the city of Urbach,Banrain 29, close to Stuttgart.According to police couple in their 60s and also trafficked with CP material on a high level.Man gone into hiding, woman awaiting process.
    Pedos have no age restriction it looks like

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