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Teenage Submachine Gun Buyer Hit with a Terrorism Charge

On September 26, at Coleraine Youth Court, a teenage defendant who had purchased a submachine-gun on the darknet received a new charge relating to a document that had been on his computer at the time of his arrest. In April, the prosecutor explained, the boy—a 14-year-old at the time—had downloaded a manual on producing erythritol tetranitrate. And in combination with the weapon and ammunition, the explosive “how-to” guide led to the addition of a terrorism charge.

The teenager had only recently been in front of a judge at the Coleraine Youth Court for a change in the terms of his house arrest. After his initial arrest in early 2017, the teenager was placed on house arrest during the case. He recently needed to access a computer to complete his GCSE exams. And he needed court permission to do so. After leaving court with the gift of heavily restricted computer access, being summoned back to court for a terrorism charge likely never crossed the suspect’s mind.


Early this year in part of a “proactive” policing operation, one officer went undercover on the darknet to sell firearms to unsuspecting firearm buyers. The suspect, 14 at the time, found the undercover police officer. She had posed as a seller of firearms and ammunition. And by coincidence, she had the Russian submachine gun that he had wanted.

For the low price of $185, the undercover officer agreed to sell the teenager 100 rounds of ammunition and the firearm. None of this transpired without the officer befriending the defendant. He eventually trusted her and explained that he had planned to “intimidate a third party.” When the day came, the excited 14-year-old skipped school to meet the darknet firearms dealer who willingly agreed to sell an activated $300-$500 submachine gun and ammunition for only $185.

The story proceeded, from that point onwards, as expected. She arrested him. He gave excuses. He claimed that he had purchased the gun for his “Jamaican friend.” Investigators ruled out the Jamaican friend angle at once; they checked his Facebook friends for a Jamaican character who fit the suspect’s description. None existed, the prosecution reported.

So, instead of only catching the charge that stemmed from the attempted purchase of an illegal weapon, officials also hit the teenager with possession of the gun and ammunition will intent to damage. As the investigation unfolded, the case generated “volumes of paper” that ultimately led to a new charge.

The suspect had, in his possession, a file that only someone committing or preparing to commit an act of terror would own. The file was titled “Eth.txt” and contained a guide on manufacturing erythritol tetranitrate, an explosive with similar properties to the military explosive PETN.


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  2. fat Aussie bastard

    fckn femi-twat copper too!
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    moral of the story: don’t try to buy effin’ guns or ammo off the DNMs …. nuthin’ but under-cover coppers and scammers…. (90% scammers…. 7-8% coppers)

  3. Aussie pub brawler

    there was an under-cover copper bastard tryin’ to sell one of those WII PoS for abt $AU10k ….. same cunt was on both ABM and Rs Market…
    $AU190-odd is all their fkcn worth…if that….personally: i wouldn’t pay more than $AU90

    • dandenongstingrays

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      • Aussie pub crawler

        scammed any-one lately?

        • dandenongstingrays

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          • Aussie pub crawler

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            • dandenongstingrays

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  4. (interesting sub-text, re:the abv article….the kid-in-question was obviously using good OPSEC…so…they couldn’t track him from any on-line “finger-prints”…doubtless…was using TAILs/VPN and PGP for comms….or..maybe even Qubes…through a solid VPN….so…they had to set the silly little bugger up via a ‘meet’…. too bad for the poor little bastard… never agree to ‘meet up’ with any cunt….unless you fancy a 10’*8′ concrete cell….☹ )

  5. It’s soooo risky to purchase a weapon. I would guesstimate there are more undercover police selling them than actual sellers

    • the phantom

      there’s a few….but….not…I think…that many….
      most of the DNM “gun-sellers” are scammers…..
      any-one with ½-a-brain would have good enough OPSEC (incl. mail drops) to ensure that they couldn’t be buckled….
      that’s why they all want to “meet up”;
      its pretty much the only way they could ‘drop’ on you….
      a way ’round it….arrange to have the delivery made through a reliable ‘third party’ if you can….say….a mate who owns a shop or sumthin’ …. like a bike repair or tattoo shop….
      if they have some dodgy excuse for not doin’ it that way and insist on meeting you in person…then…yeh!….you know its coppers….

      • dandenongstingrays

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  6. So the bitch got a 14yo to buy some weapon and his computer contained a file about explosives and the twat arrested him after getting him to meet her. Sounds like typical entrapment.

    At least she could have given him a bj or even a full ride.

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