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Man Used Four “Masterchef” Ecstasy Pills Every Day

Some drugs carry a reputation for being “darknet drugs.” Although the darknet catches blame for carfentanil, various ecstasy presses are the real darknet drug. An Australian court recently heard the case of a darknet drug buyer who had been caught with ecstasy pills with the logo of an internationally famous television show.

Bundaberg Magistrates Court heard how 20-year-old Lachlan Allbon had ordered ecstasy pills from darknet markets, in bulk, to feed his own addiction. The ecstasy pills were not necessarily unusual pills for someone in Australia to have, even though the producer had pressed the pills with the Masterchef logo. Masterchef-pressed ecstasy pills are not quite uncommon on the darknet. And not at all in Australia.

The “Top Markets” list currently has four markets. Dream market, The Trade Route, T•chka Free Market, and Wall Street Market. Trade Route, one of the most popular darknet markets on that list, is home to a certain Australian vendor. The vendor sells the only MasterChef ecstasy pills on the market. And he only sells the pills to buyers within Australia.

As I needed to look it up, a description of the show is overdue. It has no relevance to the pills and little relevance to the story, but the name shows up too many times to ignore it. MasterChef is a reality cooking show that gets produced in more than 40 countries. In Australia, the show is incredibly popular. MasterChef Australia is additionally broadcast in many countries, with potentially closer-to-home versions.

Only customers in Australia can buy the pills. And given that a vendor of a unique press often presses their own pills, they likely get produced in Australia too. And they circulate Australia, per a 2015 Pillreports post. The 20-year-old defendant, despite routinely buying in bulk, avoided distribution charges. “He says he was buying in bulk off the dark web for his own use,” Prosecutor Senior Constable Grant Klaassen said.

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Police caught Allbon with 30 MasterChef pills. He had told the police that he took four pills daily. In December 2016, Allbon received a two year probation sentence for dangerous drug charges. Although he pleaded guilty to the new drug charges linked to cannabis and MDMA possession, both in violation of his prior probation sentence, Allbon asked for leniency because his family enjoyed traveling.

As unlikely as it sounded, Magistrate Belinda Merrin granted Allbon his wish. No record was recorded. Allbon must serve an additional 12-months on probation. “It is very important that you address your drug use. You accept you have polysubstance drug abuse issues and have other health conditions,” Magistrate Merrin said.



  1. I must have missed that episode? Did he win the competition? The dish looks amazing with excellent presentation. Wonder what is for dessert?

  2. Hahaha. That magistrate was taken for a ride. Unless those pills were made with opiates instead of MDMA, no shot ANYONE is taking 4 MDMA pills a day. Life would be hell.

    • MDMA does not have an effect with daily use. I guess if there were amphetamines in them, then he could get addicted. But still, unlikely.

      • Yes it does.

        • Joey Bats

          barely. his serotonin wouldnt be replenishing, so the main mechanism of MDMA wouldnt really be working. And chances are, he’d be incredibly depressed and generally feel like shit. taking 4 pills a day. picke is probably right, they were probably pressed with meth, as most pills are, and that’s what he was getting the high from (that’s if it were true, which i dont believe it is)

  3. MDMA means metilen-dioxid-methamphetamin. So ecstasy always contain meth since it is in its natural structure. Those two oxygen and one metilen molecules of course change its pharmaceutical effects but its still based on meth. Do your homework at least if you are in this industry.

    About the article, its perfectly possible to take pills after your serotonine got totally depleted and still get an amph or meth like high.

    However, imho this guy just try to say something to save his ass from distribution charges. Congrats for him for his succesfull escape.

    • It doesn’t mean it has methamphetamine in it. It means the MDMA molecule contains the meth molecule as a part of it. It doesn’t mean the MDMA molecule shares any characteristics with meth necessarily.

  4. MDMA: Methylendioxy-N-methylamphetamin

    Meth: N-methyl-alpha-Methylphenethylamin

    They are both phenethylamines but meth is an amphetamine and mdma is a methylendioxyamphetamine.

  5. I used xtc for years 30’s-mid 40’s. I served up at raves buying 1000’s a time. I am now in my 50’s and haven’t touched xtc for 5 years. When I was I only had them over the weekend. Never used them in the week. Those pills must have had more than MDMA in them to be addictive. The Aisans often sell Yabba trying to pass it off as xtc. This is another reason all Narcotics should be legalized. I wouldn’t do e’s now unless it was from one of my old crew.

  6. Captain brickface

    wow… “MDMA means metilen-dioxid-methamphetamin. So ecstasy always contain meth since it is in its natural structure. Those two oxygen and one metilen molecules ” is this real life…

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