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Two Arrested in Delhi for Selling Drugs via the Dark web

Two men have been busted by the Delhi Police Crime Branch for allegedly running a drug cartel in Delhi and Noida through the aid of the dark web.

According to reports, the two accused, including a Disco Jockey, Kamal Kalara who mostly performs at rave parties and nightclubs in Noida and Delhi, supplied the drugs that were ordered from the dark web to the youths. The whole drug operation only used bitcoins as the payment mode.

The Delhi Police Crime Branch stated that Kamal Kalara was arrested in Rohini after they received a tip-off. Upon his arrest, the police found 100 pills of ecstasy with him. Kamal then gave out the name of Mahesh Goyal, an accomplice and a resident of resident of Sector-11, Dwarka during questioning was then arrested later by the police. Just like Kamal, the police also recovered 20 grams of MDMA on Goyal, when he was arrested.

The two first met at a rave party where Kamal supplied Goyal with ecstasy.

“Accused Kamal Kalara is a DJ and usually goes to rave parties and used to play music there. He came in contact with co-accused Mahesh Goyal, another accused through a rave party and started procuring Ecstasy from him and further supplying in rave parties,” stated DCP Crime Branch Rajesh Deo.

These drugs are normally popular in the nightclub scene and at all-night dance parties and come with some serious consequences. The overdose of these drugs have been the cause of numerous deaths as of late around the globe as the use of illicit drugs continues to surge. Health effects of MDMA include nausea, muscle cramping, involuntary teeth clenching, blurred vision, chills, and sweating.

High intake of MDMA can affect the body’s ability to regulate temperature which can lead to a spike in body temperature that can occasionally result in liver, kidney, or heart failure or even death.

“The interrogation revealed that in the ‘Deep Net’ there are sites where the drugs are available, further the payments are being received in ‘Bitcoins’. On payment of Indian rupees the equivalent amount of ‘Bitcoin’ is provided to the darknet marketplaces through which payments can be made to procure the drugs,” Rajesh Deo said.

Mahesh during interrogation revealed that, while he was staying in Chennai, he went to a party of which he had his first taste of ecstasy. He later learned that he could lay hands on such drugs through dark web marketplaces or other platforms on the dark web.

Through RTGS, Mahesh then made payment of Rs 2.36 lakh to someone who then converted the amount into bitcoin. The drug was delivered via post as a greeting from the Netherland after the payment was done. It was later then supplied to Kamal Kalara.

Reports from the Delhi Police suggests that, the mastermind behind this contraband drug operation was still at large and that he has created a network scattered across the whole of India.

The Narcotics Control Bureau and Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology have also been called into play by the Delhi crime branch, to check such transactions.

There have been a record high deaths resulting from the ecstasy and MDMA this year and yet still, the urge to obtain as well as use it is still bewildering.

With the aid of dark web, it is now much easier to obtain these drugs even for teenagers and India is no exception.

Just about two months ago, four Indian teenagers who were almost done with their high school education, ordered LSD from the dark web. They were caught after Law enforcement authorities were investigating a suspect in another case.

During questioning, one of the teenagers admitted that he gained knowledge about the dark web and its use through a friend of his older brother.

The Police officer initially refuse to believe that ordering drugs from the dark web is popular in “some circles”.

“When we further probed, those four teenagers were identified. They are from well-to-do families,” an investigator said.

One investigator then revealed that law enforcement identified the suspect as a first-grade computer engineering student studying in Bengaluru who “used to purchase LSD online”. He was responsible for teaching the teenagers how to use Tor and how to browse the dark web.

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