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German Dealer Busted After Five Package Seizures

The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Tübingen and the Rottenburg Police Headquarters issued a press release concerning the investigation and arrest of a 24-year-old drug dealer. Law enforcement had known of the suspected dealer’s activities in early October, before starting an investigation. They became aware of the alleged criminal activities while following a trail of “police-known suspects” that led directly to the now-apprehended drug dealer.

Evidence gathered while following the trail of drugs from the so-called “police-known suspects” indicated that the drugs had originated from the darknet. The joint press release failed to detail anything of substance regarding the investigative jump from following drug users to believing the drugs came from a dealer connected to a vendor on a darknet market. In any case, the “how” is unimportant. Utilizing one of the many tactics employed by law enforcement agencies, the Rottenburg police discovered that the 24-year-old distributed drugs that he had ordered from a darknet vendor.


Then, still in October, the police reportedly intercepted five packages of drugs that the dealer’s supplier had shipped to the 24-year-old’s address. All five packages landed within “a few days” of each other, the press release revealed. Collectively, the packs contained 300 grams of marijuana and a mediocre 15 grams of cocaine. Authorities conducted an additional review of mail addressed to the Rottenburger. The mail seizures understandably confirmed any suspicions the police had developed.

Presented with whatever evidence the police had gathered before the package interceptions, along with the details of the interceptions themselves, the Prosecutor’s Office of Tübingen then issued a search warrant for the 24-year-old’s property. On November 7, a drug detection team of the Rottenburg Criminal Police searched the address defined in the search order. The search warrant permitted officers to search the suspect’s apartment. Once in the apartment, the drug detection team and other Rottenburg law enforcement officers located heroin, amphetamine, and 130 grams of marijuana.

Authorities reported finding tools and equipment commonly associated with drug dealing such as precision scales and packing materials. They also seized 900 genuine euros from the apartment. Furthermore, in addition to the real notes, the Rottenburg police discovered a number of counterfeit 50-euro notes. The press release revealed that the police confiscated the original euro notes as suspected drug money and evidence of drug crimes. A person or persons had recently reintroduced fake euro notes into Rottenburg’s cash circulation, and the Public Prosecutor’s Office opted to pursue counterfeit distribution charges as well as a vast array of drug charges.

The suspect now sits in a correctional facility until his next court appearance.

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