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Authorities arrest a 24 Year Old Darknet Drug Buyer in Rottenburg as Darknet Drug Network Becomes Stronger in Europe.

A 24-year-old man from the Rottenburg has been arrested by the police for ordering drugs through the Darknet. This the tip of the iceberg in consideration of the massive crackdown they intend to make.

According to the prosecutor and the drug detection team, the young man whose name was not revealed ordered the drugs on a large scale through the Darknet.

A search warrant was issued and a thorough investigation was carried out in his house. On November 7, 2017, typical drug dealer items among other drugs were found during the search. Authorities confiscated 130 grams of marijuana and small amounts of Heroin and Amphetamine. Investigators also came across some counterfeit money giving them enough evidence to approach the suspect.

The arrest was made possible through the investigation of a police unit in October. They found and provided relevant information to the other police department.

The need to conduct the house search was inspired by information they received that the young man received suspicious substances to his postal unit. Investigators, therefore, noted in their search that the 24-year-old man ordered the first half of that large amount drugs on the Darknet.

Since the Darknet keeps buyers and sellers anonymous from the world, the only obvious strategy used to arrest Darknet drug traffickers is to track their address once an illegal substance is delivered. The police have been arresting several Darknet vendors and buyers through this strategy as there has recently been a good coordination between the various parcel carriers and the police force.

Authorities reviewed the various parcels and letters that were delivered to his address and most of them happened to contain drug-related materials. Overall, there were five mail items intercepted in October. The mail contained over 300 grams of Marijuana and 15 grams of Cocaine. All the materials and drugs found in his residence were a pure indication that he was actually involved in illegal activities in the Darknet marketplace.

Authorities also discovered suspicious items including package materials and fine scales in his possession. An amount of 900 euros cash and fake bank notes of 50 Euros was confiscated in the house search which was suspected to have been obtained from his illegal activities.

The Darknet Drug Network in EUROPE

The use of the Darknet as a source of drug purchase has been very high in Germany and across Europe. Europe is recognized as one the leading continents that engage in Darknet drug trade. The use of Darknet is not illegal in some countries like Germany, but the activities that happen there.

“Even though the use of the Darknet is not illegal, current studies show that 57 percent of Internet sites are illegal, and are often used for drugs or arms trafficking,” said a German politician, Harold Schwartz.

The Drug network can be compared to the mustard seed: the more it grows, the more people join it. Attempts by the Europol to crack down Darknet websites and arrest its vendors ended up making more people join the network.

The total sale of illicit drugs made on the Darknet has tripled since 2013, and the RAND organization estimated total drug revenues of $12 million in January 2016. According to the European Drug Center Monitoring Drugs and Drug Addiction, one out of every four European has tried illicit drugs on the Darknet.

The Cryptocurrency used for a transaction on the Darknet marketplaces is maybe the reason for the unprecedented rise as users are assured of safety.

A research leader at RAND Europe and one of the report’s authors, Stijn Hoorens described the Cryptomarkets and its role in Darknet increase in Europe. He said that: “Cryptomarkets essentially work similarly to online e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, but they require encryption software to access and payment in bitcoins. They are dominated by advertisements for illicit substances.”

Hoorens continued: “The closure of Silk Road has not curbed the growth of these cryptomarkets, as more markets continue to be created and more illicit drugs are being bought online.”

“This is despite several high-profile law enforcement interventions and exit scams by market administrators. Cryptomarkets are often online only for several months and users seem to be operating under the assumption that they could be closed at any moment,” he added.

Despite of the negative role associated to Darknet, others believe that the rising use of Darknet makes drugs safer.


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    Oh, strenghten the Darknet, LOL GOOD IDEA.
    First NEVER use the same return address twice;
    Second, Darknet vendors should list items sold by 4 0r 5 other vendors, then make the orders with those vendors when the listing is purchased.
    This makes the Darknet stronger, and eliminates the ability of the police to locate the vendor.
    LOL have fun boys and girls LOL

  2. The link “one out of every four European has tried illicit drugs on the Darknet” is broken

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