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Major Dream Vendor Busted in Germany


The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) made yet another significant bust in November. This time, according to the BKA’s press release, German authorities arrested a so-called “top vendor” on both the Hansa and Dream Marketplaces. The vendor, a 29-year-old German National, used the pseudonyms “mrdrogenkommandant” and “drogenfahndung.”

BKA investigators, the Central Office for the Suppression of Cybercrime (ZIT), and the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Coburg opened an investigation into mrdrogenkommandant in August 2017. The investigation revealed that the vendor and his numerous associates lived in the Netherlands but made regular—even daily—trips to Germany. Mrdrogenkommandant and his conspirators sold more than enough drugs to warrant trips to various parcel reception stations at the end of every workday. The BKA learned of these daily trips.

Mrdrogenkommandant had last accessed his Dream Market vendor account on November 9, 2017. Although his profile might not reflect it, soon after the 29-year-old vendor disappeared, his impeccable 4.86/5 rating started taking hits. Customers complained that nothing had arrived by the allotted timeframe or that nothing had arrived at all. Days after the arrest, the BKA issued a statement announcing their latest and greatest catch.

On November 9, the vendor arrived in North Rhine-Westphalia with 34 packages. Before he had an opportunity to mail them all, the BKA grabbed him. “Immediately following the arrest,” German authorities wrote, “international law enforcement executed search warrants at the accused’s residential addresses [connected to] drug trafficking in the Netherlands.” Netherlands law enforcement seized more than 75 kilograms of amphetamine, ecstasy, heroin, marijuana, and cocaine. Police also found €400,000 ($477,320).

The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Coburg connected the mrdrogenkommandant bust to dozens of recent darknet arrests in Germany. Many of the vendor’s customers—including one who had picked up a package from the Dream Market vendor on November 8—found themselves in the middle of a massive darknet crackdown by German law enforcement. By the November 9 arrest, the police had arrested six of the dealer’s “top customers.”

According to the press release from earlier this month, the Criminal Police of Coburg identified 12 customers and had arrested two more. Days later, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Tübingen and the Rottenburg Police Headquarters announced the arrest of another drug dealer. The press release said the dealer had received drugs from a “police-known” and “well-known” suspect. Several more darknet buyers have been busted, often in groups.

The BKA added that they would be working with national and international law enforcement to capture darknet drug suspects.


  1. dreammarket is compromised after the arrest of its owner Oxy.

    i believe its not safe anymore for anyone – either its vendor or seller.

    • LoudThundercloud

      I thought the owner is called SpeedStepper???

      Anyway, for it to be compromised it stays online for a VERY long time, not just a few weeks like Hansa when it was being controlled by LE.

      Also the same has been said about Valhalla market many months ago here on DDW, and that market is also still up and kicking…
      And what about Zion then?? Also called a scam on here and still working fine.

      • are you even using the market? they cant even keep the forums online. hundreds of people are complaining there about their bitcoins disappearing.
        theres no support at all atm. its being kept online because it makes huge profit for somebody who has access to users bitcoin wallets.

        • LoudThundercloud

          Uhmm yes I have used the markets multiple times over the last few months and never had a problem…

          True the forums are down now since some time, that is something they really should fix soon. But all those people complaining about losing coins problably used a phishing link somehow, there are dozens of those for DM and since the official link keeps changing people fall for fake links easily…

          • why are you trying to defend the dreammarket?
            yea right, hundreds or maybe thousands of people and vendors that have big experience suddenly click on phishing links? yea right.

            thats why they shut down the forums so nobody can see people complaining. most of them used 2FA login..

            • LoudThundercloud

              I’m not defending any market buddy, only saying what my own personal experience has been up until now..

              And that is that from me no btc have been taken away from my Dream Wallet, and every deposit I make has arrived there in about 30 minutes time.

              I do however NEVER deposit more than 100 dollars at once, just for extra safety. And never let coins in Dream market for a very long time, only when I want to buy something.

  2. I am sooo fucked…

  3. Had a minimal amount of bitcoins in my dream market wallet($10-30, prior to the recent price jump, so under $100 now). Logged in and it’s zeroed. I am not concerned about the lost coins, but that’s enough for me to no longer trust them. Glad they did it, as I was about to place a larger deposit.

    • what i told you people.
      they probably leave you alone if you have 20’s $ , but if you deposit any bigger amount you can expect it to be stolen.doesnt matter if you use 2fa or no.
      hundreds or maybe thousands of people were complaining at forums, so now they keep the forums down 99% of the time.

      with this fake 97% rating it looks like legit website.
      try searching for more information about dreammarkets current state online.

      in my case: i lost 3k USD, and the support just keeps replying PLEASE WAIT, ADMIN WILL ASSIST YOU SOON. its been almost 1.5month and they cant even explain me what happened. for hundreds of other people too.

  4. works fine for me

  5. note to self: dont keep all my money at my house. hmmmmmmm

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