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Two Finnish Dark Web Drug Dealers Busted and Put in Custody.

According to the Poliisi’s website drugs category, Finland has witnessed a surge in online drug trade. Designer drugs use have alarmingly increased and are viewed as the latest and greatest threat. These drugs are being delivered via the postal system. Customs authorities in Finland have been very instrumental in seizing drug packages ordered from the dark web, they do so by intercepting mailed drug packages. Methamphetamine ranks as the most seized drug in the Finnish drug market. The most common drugs in Finland include, amphetamine, opiates cannabis, ecstasy, cocaine and LSD.

On November 27, police from the Oulu police department and customs authorities disclosed the arrest of two individuals who imported and distributed doping substances, narcotics and snus. Distribution of snus is illegal all over the EU, however its use is legal in Finland. The arrested suspects used the dark web to order and sell acquired drugs all over Finland. They allegedly received and distributed the drugs via the post offices in Oulu and Tornio. According to the authorities the two had succeeded in selling approximately, 50,000 doping tablets, 80,000 narcotics pills and up to 16 liters of doping packaged in ampoules.

According to the police and customs authorities the initial investigation on the two suspects led to the seizure of large quantities of doping substances, snus and narcotics both in the suspects’ residents and intercepted mail packages bearing their addresses. The authorities also seized bitcoins of an estimated value of 40,000 euros and 14,000 euros in cash. The two suspects are still under police custody.

In Finland drug offences which include, manufacturing, growing, smuggling, selling and dealing. These offences attract penalties ranging from a fine to a maximum of 2 years in prison. In cases of aggravated drug offences the punishment ranges from 1 to 10 years in prison. Aggravating drug offences include involvement of drugs considered to be very dangerous; large quantities of drugs; considerable financial profit or participation in a group organized to commit such offences.

Finnish customs have been very active in waging the war against dark web drug dealing activities. In 2016 the Finnish customs carried out an intensive investigation against a major drugs distributor, they intercepted his outgoing mail packages and his incoming supplies. They were able to successfully identify the suspect as Douppikauppa who was then arrested. He was the largest Valhalla vendor in the region at that time. In July this year Douppikauppa was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison.

Finnish customs also contributed immensely in an operation they alleged exposed an online drug trafficking ring in Finland that operated via Valhalla. According to a press release the customs alleged that the vendors distributed their products both in Finland and all over the world. This operation has led to speculations that Valhalla has been compromised.


  1. Douppikauppa eight years in prison

    and a nonce is let off for child porn charges.

    Robert Zitzelsperger, 53, who was a teacher at Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College, will not spend a day behind bars. His offences included, possessing child abuse material and using a carriage service to access child pornograph

    The system is in favor of pedophiles lately, makes you wonder if the nonce’s are running the gaff…

    • Samuel Jacobs

      Nonces are the scum of the earth. How do these people not get long prison sentences? The authorities care so much more about money and specifically untaxed money. A friend of mine is doing twenty years for drug smuggling.people choose to do drugs.Nobody chooses to be raped or molested.

  2. Last July Douppikauppa’s sentence was reduced to 10,5 years from 11,5 years. His brother received 9 years (before 9,5 years).

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