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18.12.17 Dark Web and Cybercrime Roundup

Dream Vendor ‘DaddyGreenJeans’ aka ‘MrCandy’ Busted

The Portland Police Bureau announced that 33-year-old Joseph R. Caruso had allegedly distributed fentanyl and fentanyl analogs via darknet markets. According to their announcement, Caruso sold on Alphabay and Dream Marketplaces under the names “DaddyGreenJeans” and “MrCandy.” The investigation into Caruso began after a Wisconsin man overdosed on a fentanyl analog and officers found drug packaging at the man’s house.

Authorities matched Caruso’s packages with the packaging found at the house of the Wisconsin man after United States Postal Inspectors intercepted a package headed for Caruso’s address. Authorities discovered that Caruso imported fentanyl and various analogs from suppliers in China and resold the drugs on the darknet. In late November, Postal Inspectors and local police executed a controlled delivery of the seized package.

A grand jury indictment charged the man with one count of importation of [fentanyl] with intent to distribute and one count of possession of [fentanyl] with intent to distribute. DeepDotWeb

Lubbock on the News for Fentanyl Trafficking Again

One city in Texas, Lubbock, stays on the news for darknet drug busts. In fairness, many of the charges originate from a 2016 investigation into a massive fentanyl trafficking conspiracy. Suspect after suspect appeared on the news for participation in a drug trafficking organization that imported fentanyl from vendors on the darknet and redistributed it throughout Texas. In a recent development, a federal grand jury indictment accused four suspects of various drug trafficking crimes.

U.S. Attorney Erin Nealy Cox of the Northern District of Texas announced that four Lubbock residents received possession with intent to distribute furanyl fentanyl charges.

  • Ashlyn Paige Utley, 23;
  • Peyton Cleveland Wilson, 27;
  • Steven Lawrence Forcum, 32;
  • Krisandrea Monee Dobbs, 31

Wilson has also been charged with one count of possessing a firearm in furtherance of a felony drug trafficking crime. DeepDotWeb

A Handful of Lubbock Cases from Earlier this Year:

  • Sidney Caleb Lanier, a 36-year-old “set to be the biggest fentanyl trafficker in Lubbock.”
  • Jessica Holl, a 29-year-old heroin dealer who eventually started selling fentanyl with Lanier.
  • Jamie Marie Robertson, Holl’s 32-year-old wife who helped cook fentanyl.
  • Brian Landon Brown, a Lubbock fentanyl dealer connected to Lanier’s operation.
  • Benjamin Bricker, a 26-year-old cocaine dealer who sold cocaine he had purchased from the darknet.

Australian Storage Unit Drug Trafficker Denied Bail

A Melbourne dealer rumored of operating one of the EuroConnection vendor accounts must remain in jail until his court date, even though the hearing may not happen until mid-2018. The Parkdale resident, 26-year-old Paul Schembri, had allegedly operated a “mini drug office” from a storage unit in Melbourne. His operation expanded to the point where he needed multiple storage units to properly store, package, and distribute his drugs. The investigation—due to the complex nature of the case and sheer number of drugs stored by the defendant—could take another eight months to complete. His family fought for a pre-trial release in order to keep him from sitting a jail cell while supposedly innocent.

Supreme Court Justice David Beach denied the request for bail. The Judge said that Schembri did not fit conditions usually applied to suspects asking for bail. He said that Schembri’s “dark web offices,” hidden cash, and ability to print fake IDs also made the man a serious flight risk. DeepDotWeb

New letter: Top Uber officials engaged in illegal wiretapping, shady spycraft

A letter filed by Richard Jacobs, a former security executive at Uber, finally surfaced and revealed that the transportation company used surveillance tactics that resembled those some used by government intelligence agencies. The letter sparked an ongoing investigation into the company’s allegedly illegal practices.

According to Jacobs, two upper management employees at the company “led Uber’s efforts to evade current and future discovery requests, court orders, and government investigations in violation of state and federal law as well as ethical rules governing the legal profession.” His letter outlines the practices used by the company’s Strategic Services Group (human intelligence), the Investigations Department, the Law Enforcement Outreach Department, the Marketplace Analytics Department (trade secrets), and the Counter Intelligence Group.

Jacobs accused the men of directing company employees to email everything with a request for legal advice—even if unneeded. They believed the email would be protected under the attorney-client privilege. He said they hacked servers of rival companies; committed “foreign espionage against a sovereign nation” by sending CIA-trained contractors to collect overseas intel; recruited undercover employees at rivala companies; infiltrated networks used by employees of rival companies; required conversations to take place over Wickr; bribed politicians; violated wiretap laws, and more.

Uber claimed the accusations are nothing but ramblings from a disgruntled ex-employee. However, as revealed via the ongoing case between Uber and Waymo, Uber paid the ex-employee $4.5 million to keep the information from going public. Ars Technica

Also this week:

The darknet search engine ‘Grams’ shut down. Link

South Korea’s Prime Minister said that buying bitcoin leads to children dealing drugs. Link


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