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Court Date Set for Alleged Dream Market Moderator

Former Dream Market Senior Moderator Gal Vallerius received a date for his next court appearance. Vallerius has been in federal custody ever since landing in the United States on August 31. The alleged darknet market moderator and vendor faces drug distribution conspiracy charges in the Southern District of Florida.

According to the DEA agent responsible for the investigation, Vallerius worked as a moderator on the Dream marketplace under the pseudonym “OxyMonster.” He also, the agent wrote in the criminal complaint, sold drugs on both Dream and TradeRoute marketplaces. DEA Special Agent Austin Love opened an investigation into Vallerius after investigating other darknet vendors like DigitalPossi2014, and MethForDummies.

It had apparently taken the DEA nine months to connect the dots between the “OxyMonster” vendor account and the “OxyMonster” moderator account. Once they made that connection, they reportedly traced a Bitcoin address on OxyMonster’s Dream profile to a Bitcoin address on a LocalBitcoins account under the 35-year-old’s last name. Investigators then searched social media and other channels for profiles that matched “Vallerius.” Of course, the entire narrative has room for the usual parallel discovery, but the social networking part checked out. Before someone deleted many of the accounts, a “Vallerius” LocalBitcoins account existed and only a few Google searches connected Vallerius to Gal Vallerius’ Twitter, Instagram, and website. We do not know if the Bitcoin address (1DREAMv7kl6T8bMyE7ghe4nLQVSdBbPJAe) was actually listed on OxyMonster’s Dream profile, though.

The suspected drug dealer had vendor accounts on Alphabay, Hansa, Evolution, TradeRoute, Dream, Nucleus, and Valhalla. And the vendor behind those accounts, before fully adopting the OxyMonster monicker, had formerly exit scammed under the username “Vendeep.”

Since his August arrest, French authorities have been working with the US DEA to seize his overseas assets. Given that Vallerius landed in the Atlanta airport with a laptop that held a Bitcoin wallet with $500,000 in Bitcoin and details that connected him to his Dream profile. Overseas, French authorities raided his houses. In his Plusquellec home, they found 50,000 euros and bags of cocaine. At the request of the magistrate judge in the Florida court, French police seized his houses in Saint-Guen, Plouray, and Plusquellec. He reportedly has another house in Crete.

Vallerius needed $250,000 to get released on bail at his October bail hearing, but was unable to come up with the funds. Probably because US government seized all of them. He will reappear in court on December 11. Anthony Natale, Vallerius’s current attorney, said they planned to enter a not guilty plea.


  1. He looks cool.

  2. Karma For scamming ? maybe……

  3. Dream market is being gutted like a house, their listings have dropped. Digital listings down at least 21,000 listings,
    Drugs down 12,000 listings etc….
    Heavily padded feedback on Deepdotweb.

    Listen if your one their victims mail this guy a razor blade, like a single edged or a sheetrock blade
    Maybe even some drugs just stuff it in a envelope and try to get it there for Christmas LOL

  4. I hope, with all the hate inside my heart towards Oxymonster, that he will be fucked to death inside prison.
    I really hope Oxymonster never breaths outside federal prison again, that’s what you get for fucking me over back on Dream, finally my wish came true, because of you i lost everything i had, karma works out very well in the end, hope you’ll die there.


    The one who will hunt down your relatives know that I know youre real name.

  5. This idiot didn’t have full drive encryption, how do we know they haven’t compromised his account on dream? Lots of things point towards bad shit with dream, dont get me wrong i’ve never been fucked over but i acnt get the feeling of a compromise out of my head

  6. Are you kidding. This guy is in an American Jail, while the Americans are Busy fighting a war against opioids, with a very large opioid vendor that is also a Dream Market Moderator. If they can prove their case, he will be in America for a long time.

  7. He turned Dream Market over to the feds, the CIA is gutting the market for all the coin it can get

  8. LOL dream market is now being run by DEA. they are seizing our(your) bitcoins and tracking down all the vendors. And stupid people still use the market? lol
    somebody is posting those fake 5star reviews here on deepdotweb trying to lure new costumers.
    At the moment if you put any btc to dreammarket you are doomed because:
    1.you wont be able to windrawn any of that
    2.your btc will be gone so too fast
    3.even if you manage to make an order before your btc disappearing, your order will be cancelled and your btc will be gone.
    4.if a miracle happens and your btc would actually reach the vendor, you will be scammed by the vendor lol.

    • The Carder

      your an idiot … yes dream sucks , but its now may 2018 and no issues RE; your foolish 1-4 theory lmfao…
      fuck u need to get a clue

    • steve

      Months and many orders on and comments like this just go to show how batshizzle crazy paranoid ‘CIA DEA everywhere’ some people are. Probs best you DO keep a clear mind, they are just round the corner…


  10. ILoveTalkingMonkeys

    Bullshit. I used dream up until this month. Never had a fucking problem. A few vendor accts were compromised by The Dutch National Police. Those vendors regained their accts. If you got ripped off or scammed, your problem. No one is “padding” reviews except shady vendors. Encrypt. Use a VPN. Be smart. Read reviews. Don’t be an idiot. No one is kicking your door in for buying a cpl grams of wax anyway.

  11. If you missed the Gal Vallerius Christmas relief fund.You can still take part in the New Years Gal Vallerius relief fund and mail him some supplies.
    If you a fan, fan mail should include single edged razor blade for his beard, and or sheet rock blades if that is what you have laying around.
    A few grams to help him cope, of what is up to you
    Send to this address

    Gal Vallarius
    Register Number: 71037-019
    FDC Miami
    33 NE 4TH STREET
    MIAMI, FL 33132

    Thank You in Advance

  12. LE caught him with a correlation attack, connecting his bitcoin address to his identity. OMG, this guy should have never been a darknet criminal!

  13. il s’est bien niqué…tant pis pour lui..

    il a joué..il a perdu…

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