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Woman Used Darknet Hitman Service in Failed Murder Plot

In Denmark, a woman faces charges for attempting to have her boyfriend killed through a fake hitman-for-hire service on the darknet. At an undisclosed date prior to March 31, 2017, British authorities alerted Italian authorities that someone in Denmark had attempted to have an Italian citizen killed. Italian authorities then alerted law enforcement in Denmark.

Although North Zealand police arrested the 58-year-old suspect in March of this year, they managed to keep the case from reaching the public until mid-October. On October 24, a press officer from the northeastern Zealand police told TV 2 that, “it is true that a case [involving an online murder attempt] has been raised, but I cannot say more than that.” The press, at that point, knew little more than the dates of the four court appearances in December. After the first court appearance on December 7, some substantial information finally surfaced.

According to investigators, a 58-year-old North Zealand woman discovered a well-known hitman-for-hire service on the darknet. She ordered the fraudulent hit from CrimeBay, the successor to Besa Mafia, another fake hitman service on the darknet. We previously covered a U.S. case that involved Besa Mafia: a Minnesota man attempted to hire a hitman to kill his wife. After unsuccessful non-existent assassination attempts by the hitmen sent via Besa Mafia, the man ultimately took matters into his own hands. CrimeBay is just as fraudulent as Besa Mafia. The site is up and accepting orders for leg breakings, torchings, and murders, yet the customers keep getting arrested.

CrimeBay describes themselves:

CrimeBay is the proven legitimate dark web marketplace operated by the Chechen Mob. Customers anonymously submit orders to beat up, set fire to or kill their chosen target. We use our international network of anonymous, trusted Operatives to execute customer’s orders. We have many Russian mafia members, Italian members and Spanish members as well as operatives in virtually every location.”

The 58-year-old woman, according to information given in court, had a long distance relationship with a man in Italy. The couple had known each other for years, but they had only been a couple intermittently. She claimed that he had habitually cheated on her. The prosecution explained that the defendant paid CrimeBay $5,000 in Bitcoin to kill her boyfriend after she came to the conclusion that he had cheated on her again. Officials have not released any information explaining law enforcement’s discovery of the hit. Some suspect that law enforcement runs CrimeBay. There is also the possibility that the CrimeBay admin simply works with the authorities. For instance, an alleged Besa Mafia admin emailed U.S. law enforcement with details of a hit that an alleged customer had ordered. An entity discovered the emails after allegedly hacking the site.

After Danish police had locked the suspect up in March, they began their own investigation. They found a note in the defendant’s house with the onion address for CrimeBay. They found pictures that matched the pictures uploaded to CrimeBay. Investigators said that In the order placed on CrimeBay, the defendant had given the name and address of her boyfriend. She had also written steps to take in order to approach her boyfriend’s house without being spotted. “You’re the last hope to get my life back,” the woman wrote in a conversation about the hit on CrimeBay.

The 58-year-old denied all accusations and claimed an Albanian friend had likely ordered the hit. She said that he knew of her boyfriend’s alleged infidelity and knew people in Italy who could keep an eye on the man. Authorities, at the time, found that her claim carried no weight. They are unsure if she even has an Albanian friend. Kurt Kragh, a former police investigator, said that “even though [the site] is false, she will still be penalized for it if she has truly wanted to kill someone. And that is apparent when she, according to the prosecutor, has paid for it. She has done what it takes to commit the murder.”

The prosecution is pushing for a sentence of at least four years.


  1. “a fake hitman-for-hire service”
    like 99.9999999% are fake, or 100%?

  2. How fucking stupid does one have to be to order a hit from the darknet?

    • just think for yourself

      Actually only smart people order hits on darknet. Because you don’t have to meet the hitman, because you don’t give your name or id to the hitman, because you can hide your ip and you can not be arrested.

      If you use an escrow service to keep your money secure until the job is done, you can’t be scammed

      Everything else is just stupid undercover cops trying to discourage murderers from ordering on dark net

      If the dark net sites would be scams, then no one would say they are scams because no one would want to help murderers stay away from scams

      But as the dark net sites are legit and working, people hating murderers – and who doesn’t hate murderers – yell scam scam to discourage murderers from ordering on real sites

  3. there is no real hitman here. so do your job by yourself n enjoy in jail .

    bye bye

    • dont instigate to murder

      Don’t encourage people to do murders by themselves, that is instigation to murder and is a crime

      Better remain to only say all sites on deep web are fake, maybe you full some stupid unitiated users.

      But the truth remain that many sites on deep web are legitimate, including sites that sell drugs, guns, counterfeit currency, credit cards, and murderers

  4. it is all a trap, setup to obtain money or sell details to the police

    • don't be a fool

      It can’t be a trap because customers don’t provide their details, and they hide their IP with tor browser

      Only targets details are provided, and customers can pretend to be some other people, to confuse anyone trying to guess who ordered a hit

      It can’t obtain money without doing the murders because the customers never pay upfront, they put money in an escrow

      It’s nice that you hate murderers and trying to help victims and save lives by discouraging murderers from ordering on real sites, but you better first read about these sites to know better how to combat them

  5. I have ordered from that site and they did my order.

    I also have a friend, who got a full refund because they failed to do the order.

    That site never asks for customer details. So they don’t know who the customer is. If they ask for customers details, no customer would be stupid enough to put his own name in there.

    Plus, anyone can order and put someone else name as a customer, just to send that person to jail

    This article is fake. Police shut down that site and spread fake articles lying site is a fake to discourage other people from ordering.

    Guess why they want to discourage people from ordering hitmen? Because most hitmen sites are real

  6. I hope it’s real so we can get rid off the fucking corrupt swiss policemen and prosecuters by just order a hitman ;)

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