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German Government Wants Backdoors on All Devices

Germany’s Federal Minister of the Interior, Thomas de Maizière, is calling for a vast expansion of the government’s surveillance capabilities through backdoor access to virtually all electronic devices, including automobiles, computers, and smartphones. Thomas de Maizière has created a proposal he plans to discuss at an upcoming conference in Leipzig which would create “the legal duty for third parties to allow for secret surveillance.”

“The Home Secretary’s plans read like an Orwellian nightmare, and soon all the homes in the Federal Republic will be equipped with potential bugs, and the physical hurdle of a big eavesdrop will fall. We need to think hard about whether, with two dictatorships in recent history, we want to live in a country where there is no private retreat and the state can do whatever is technically possible,” Deputy Leader of the German Green Party, Konstantin von Notz told Der Spiegel. Many tech companies and politicians in Germany oppose the Federal Minister of the Interior’s surveillance proposal.

The Federal Minister of the Interior pointed to newer automobiles which can alert their owner if the car is being broken into, and believes that the government should be able to disable such alerts to allow secret searches of vehicles. Thomas de Maizière’s proposal also calls for backdoor access to all devices which have the ability to connect to the internet. A judge would need to sign off on any surveillance conducted under the proposed legislation. Thomas de Maizière’s proposal would enable the government to covertly disable the security features of virtually all electronic devices.

The Federal Minister of the Interior told Der Spiegel that he wants to see tech companies become legally obligated to assist and cooperate with the government in creating backdoors and allowing the government to gain access to electronic devices. Such attempts to force tech companies to assist law enforcement agencies is not unique to Germany, as the United States Department of Justice and the FBI had tried, unsuccessfully, to coerce Apple into unlocking the iPhones of suspected terrorists and criminals. In February of last year, the FBI tried to compel Apple to unlock an iPhone that belonged to the San Bernadino terrorist shooter. Then in October of last year, the FBI again tried to compel to unlock another iPhone, this time they wanted access to the iPhone of a man who stabbed 10 people at a mall in Minnesota. Apple challenged the court orders which would have forced them to unlock the iPhones, and ultimately the FBI dropped their demands, as they were able to gain access to the iPhones with the help of an Israeli company called Cellebrite.

Privacy activists, digital rights activists, politicians, and people in the tech industry have strongly condemned the new proposal from Germany’s Federal Minister of the Interior. The Bavarian Secretary General of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, Uli Grötsch, told Der Spiegel that increasing the surveillance state would not guarantee more security for people in Germany. Marc Fliehe, of the Association of Technical Inspection Associations, noted that while creating backdoor access for the government may further law enforcement efforts to prosecute criminals, it would also enable hackers to gain access to a user’s electronic device. The Managing Director of Bitkom, Bernhard Rohleder, told Der Spiegel that allowing the proposed regulations to become law would allow the government to access everything and everyone.

The new proposal from the Federal Minister of the Interior also calls for allowing the government to be able to shut down websites and servers. The new proposal would also create severe penalties for online service providers who do not cooperate and assist the government in creating backdoor access or in shutting down web sites and online services. The Federal Minister of the Interior claims these powers will be used to shut down botnets, but in fact this would also give the government another tool to crush free speech and free expression on the internet.


  1. just start shooting these government maggots!

  2. Grinding away existence of billions from Quantum Computers from the top and moving up their “Classical” computer tyranny which now require “legal” backing as opposed to the hay day of pre-Snowden Era of the Human 2013 A.C.

  3. I want a pieces of peace.
    No Backdoors, the reason is,
    If the government make do it
    everybody can do it, too.
    Bitte keine destruktive Ambitionen,
    Der Markt ist sowieso Reguliert und somit
    würde durch so eine Aktion die Gefahr bestehen,
    dass sowelche Geräte auch eine Abschaltvorrichtung hat
    und man zum Beispiel ein Auto im Fahrmodus Fremdsteuern.

  4. And when this law passes, we will see why Intel put the Management Engine and Identity Protection backdoors in every consumer CPU.

    WITH MIND. ITs time for paper and writer

  6. Good luck with that. Not going to let you do this. If you do, we wont use it. Fuck you Germany, you lost twice. Now get back to making porn.

  7. The German government has always consisted of bastards and shit- from Hitler to Merkel! Fuck them all!

  8. 1984 is now people.

    Goverments will never learn.

    Rather have terrorists than totalitarianism.

  9. Fucking Conservatives!!! They‘re dominanting German Policies. I was a Communist for Four years, but now, I‘m a Green person. Conservatives Are Champions in Discrimination of people!!! I want a progressive Revolution in Germany, Europe and the World. The Conservatives in Germany and the Opposition of my Favorite Jamaica Coalition, SPD, AfD and Left Party are all orwellian like, authoritarian, pedophobous Parties with a freedomsceptic view, they‘re all unelectable. I‘m thinking about a sexual Education Revolution: childish looking Androids and Gynoids helping other Children to Discover their sexuality and experience orgasms. The Five authoritarian Parties Christ Democratic Union, Christ Social Union, Alternative for Germany, Left Party and Social Democratic Party of Germany are all more or less against this sexual Education Revolution because they all have fear against this revolution. Germany is dominated by this authoritarian block parties since its foundation in 1949. The people from the Alternative for Germany are speaking about „left block parties“, but they‘re part of the most authoritarian block party in this block, they‘re the Centre of this mightful Block called „five Party regime“, they‘re destroying our freedom day per day, I have enough from them, because they trample on my interests and the interests of people like me.

  10. @Anon = Antigott = Hurensohn = Demon
    Wenn ich auch so viel Hass wie du auf andere schiebe,
    hätte ich auch Angst vor dem Tod.
    Ist dir das nicht peinlich deine Dummheit so zur Show
    zu stellen?
    ich scheiße auf dich!
    Tut mir echt leid dir zu sagen, dass deine Motivation eine Krankheit ist.
    Im echten Leben bist du nicht mehr wie ein Widerling,
    Eigentlich zerstörst du dich nur selber aber dass verstehst du nicht. Was du auch nicht verstehst ist, dass es bei dir nur der Neid der dich antreibt.
    Wenn du mich angreifst schiebe ich dir mein Messer in den Rachen du Opfer.
    Wegen sowelche Hurensöhne wie habe ich seit 10 Jahren kein Privatleben mehr und ich werde das nicht verzeihen

  11. Gestapo 2.0

    Alles klar

  12. Unfortunately, many devices already have the back doors built into them. Whether by industrial design or government request, you can never be certain if you are being spied upon by a government or other agency.

    For the stupid U.S. comments posted here, we have Trump. He is following Mein Kampf to the letter. Scary business.

  13. Fuck this neo nazi facism! Apple will say no! Like the article stated they had to get a foreign company to unlock the device and that was an old iOS7 with a 4 pin on an iPhone 5c. All of which have now been fixed with later versions. They can go fuck themselves

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