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German Dealer Busted for a Failed Delivery in 2015

A court in Bad Säckingen sentenced a 24-year-old drug dealer to two years probation and a small fine. The dealer had ordered 600 Euros of amphetamine from a darknet vendor in December 2015. Due to a lack of postage, the package showed up at the return address of an innocent third party who called the police. Authorities got around to searching the man’s house more than one year later and discovered 90 grams of cocaine and 425 grams of marijuana.

According to investigators, the vendor in the December 2015 scenario lacked experience as a darknet vendor. The vendor made a mistake seemingly increasing in regularity: he put too few stamps on the package. A random North Rhine-Westphalia company received the package and gave it to the police. The police had no difficulty locating the buyer; the 24-year-old ordered to his home address under his real name.

Law enforcement officers searched the defendant’s house more than a year after receiving the package from the person who had given it to the police. Once at the house in question, German authorities executed a search warrant. They hunted through rooms until they found the items they had hoped to find: trafficking quantities of illegal substances. They found 90 grams of cocaine and 425 grams of marijuana under his bed and inside of his backpack. According to police math, the drugs found at the defendant’s house would turn a profit of $35,000 at street prices.

The 90 grams of cocaine, the police said, equalled 2,668 doses. They also explained that someone could roll 2,816 joints with the 425 grams that the dealer had stashed in his house. All of the drugs combined, the dealer told the court, had cost him almost $9,500. He said that he handed over all of his savings for the drugs. He brought them back to his house and stashed them in the locations mentioned by the police.

During the investigation, the prosecution kept pushing for the names of buyers. They also wanted the name of the man who had travelled to Amsterdam with the dealer. Although he first denied virtually everything, the 24-year-old acknowledged that he had bought the drugs for resale – not personal use as he had previously asserted. Investigators revealed that they had learned the name of his friend but still needed proof the friend had participated in the drug trafficking operation.

The dealer refused to give up any information. He told the court that he had a mental list of his clientele and potential clientele, but refused to reveal more than vague pieces of information. The prosecution, since the defendant had lost his chance at getting a lenient sentence by withholding evidence, asked for a sentence of two years and six months in prison. Defender Klaus Malek argued for a two year suspended sentence. The court agreed with the defense and handed down a two year suspended sentence and a fine of 3,000 euros.



  2. What’s going on with Germany? Why are there so many DNM busts happening over there? For the past year or two, they’ve probably had the most busts of any major country.

  3. not_from:germany

    The simple Reason is why so many german dealers and buyers get busted is that germany is one of the biggest darknet drug buying country …

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