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Man Downloaded a ‘Pedophile Manual’ on the Darknet

Norwich Crown Court heard how 40-year-old Lee Daly had downloaded a so-called “pedophile manual” from the darknet. The man read the 170 page document, but he never acted on any of the information contained within it. Police investigators reported that he had not downloaded or viewed any child pornography either—he had simply visited a darknet child abuse site and downloaded a “guide” on pedophilia.

The prosecutor, Martin Ivory, did not say why the police searched Daly’s home in the first place. However, when the police conducted a house search, they seized his tablet that contained the manual. Daly said that he had no sexual interest in children, but accessed the darknet for pornography. The adult kind. Regardless of why Daly visited the darknet, Ivory said, the man had still knowingly and intentionally read a guide on child abuse.“There was a warning on the manual setting out that it may be illegal to be in possession of such an item,” he said. “Plainly it is.”

This guide is far from the first guide to make an appearance in a darknet court case. Although, in most cases, the guide is almost secondary to other crimes against children, such as downloading, producing, or distributing child pornography. In a handful of cases, law enforcement managed to catch the author of the guide. But Daly, according to his line of defense, merely read the guide. He claimed that he had not downloaded or viewed any illegal material besides the guide. He also maintained that he had no interest in acting on anything the guide portrayed.

Court Recorder Guy Ayers told Daly that “it was fortunate in my view you were apprehended relatively quickly.” He accepted that Daly had not acted on the instructions in the manual, but the mere fact that he had read the document indicated Daly posed a potential threat to society. “This is a very serious offence. You had chosen to go on what is known as the Dark web and had downloaded a document that is a pedophile manual,” Ayers said. “It is clear from other use you appeared to have an interest in underage people. It makes this a very serious offence.”

Andrew Oliver, Daly’s defense, explained that Daly suffered from a mental condition and needed help, but had no interest in harming children in any way. “He has not committed an offence against any child and he said he did not intend to.” Furthermore, Oliver argued, the fact that his client had no illegal or indecent images on his computer proved how little of an interest in children Daly had developed.

Daly admitted downloading and possessing the guide. In return, Recorder Ayers passed down an eight month sentence, suspended upon two years and one-on-one mental health treatment. To help “put aside the thoughts you had that led you to download this sort of material.” Daly will also spend 10 years on the sex offender registry.


  1. Behahahaha that’s the funniest I’ve read

  2. This is total BS from the nanny state we are living under, if this book was was incriminating then why won’t they say the same about satanist books and antifa texts?

  3. The sentence is total BS. This is a case of information being illegal. This is what Tor was made for. I assume the document had JS that gave away his real IP and that he was only using TB. How else could they know his online actions? I think it is obvious that he is not a pedo.

  4. Having the text was not committing a crime. Maybe he wanted to find out how it works to twart pedos from their prey. Since the court cannot verify his intent, and he had committed no other crimes, he should not have been prosecuted.

    According to the prosecution, evey person that sees news reports that show a crime is now “posed a potential threat to society.” because they know about how that crime is committed. “It is clear from other use” This statement is the worst of all…because someone used knowledge in a criminal way everyone else can be tried for it.

    This is the a really bad precedent to set.

    Someone downloading ‘Mein Kampf’ would be considered the actual Hitler under this ruling.

  5. I fail to see who the victim in this case is? Which children were harmed by this man downloading a manual?

    If I have a manual downloaded as to how bombs work, do I also need 8 months to put my mind on other things and 10 years in a public registry of known terrorists?


    What the fuck?!

  6. there needs to be a violent, armed uprising in the UK against the control freaks running it!

  7. If this was any other text people would be up in arms about the precedent this would set, but no, anything for the children, lets put this dude on the sex register list and ruin his life for 10 years even tho he did not commit any crime. Countries starting to take away basic human rights in the name of terrorists and children.

    This is fucked.

  8. WHAT???? I own a book called “The poor mans James Bond” that outlines how to build improvised weapons and traps and one called “the Hitmans Handbook” that is basically a step by step guide on how to kill and get away with it, both purchased from online retailers openly and once I looked up how to make gunpowder. Am I now a “threat to society” Totall BS and why are the police being so cagey about how the warrent was obtained? Entrapment? Hacking? If this guy peladed not guilty he would have walked but because of the stigma and the press coverage he would have been worse off, now a example has been set in court they can do it again for ANY reason.This hystria over peados and terrorism is going to give the Gov’t the LEAGL right to stick thier nose into any and all of your buissness and if you ever catch them at it all they have to do is say to the press is “we suspected he was a pervert” and all will be forviven and the poor dude who did nothing wrong becomes the vilan. Wait until they are hacking your emails and eBay seller accounts to see if you are being honest about your earnings for tax puposes, you will have no grounds to comlain beacuse “it was OK with YOU when we did it to catch the kiddy fiddlers” WAKE UP PEOPLE THEY ARE USING YOUR FEARS TO CONTROL YOU AND GET THIER DODGY LAWS IN THROUGH THE BACK DOOR,THE CPS WOULD NOT HAVE TAKEN THIS TO COURT IF IT WAS ANY OTHER SUBJECT, THEY DID BECAUSE THEY KNOW FEW WILL DEFEND A “PEADO”.

  9. That is insane. You can’t prosecute someone based on thoughts they may have had. There is no way a jury would have found him guilty. I’m guessing the original charge against him was much worse so he plead down to a lesser charge.

  10. All you bitches getting mad, and i’m sitting here like: Duh- was he using tor?

  11. UnnecessaryAlienmoonbase

    When I see a young girl, my natural dick is the law.

  12. what a loser, age 40 and look how to learn pedophilia, fuck your pedo die

  13. SoloEsAmor

  14. So if that’s illegal, does that mean posting manuals how to buy drugs online are illegal too? Be aware Mr. DeepDotWeb xD

  15. How would the investigators or prosecutors know it was a “how to” manual on pedophilia unless they read the manual themselves. Are the investigators and prosecutors just as guilty? Hell, the prosecutors had to teach it to the jury to get them to understand the the contents of the manual! I’m sure the jury members were appreciative.

  16. The best manual for pedophiles i’ve read was published in Australian newspaper. It was a “warning” for parents about tricks pedophiles can use to groom kids and it was pretty thorough. It was public and nobody was jailed because of it. Though considering that Australian cops can post child porn i am not surprised, kek.
    As for the Britain, isn’t possessing Anarchist coockbook is illegal there too?
    Meanwhile in Canada non-government sex-educating organization who declares it’s mission is helping “young people” 13+ yrs old publishes manual “how to have anal sex safely” on it’s website. It also happens publicly.
    But if you download some crap manual from deepweb then … yeah. You are bad guy. Not journalist, not cop, not sex educator. So shut up and obey Big brothers, slave.

  17. TheEarthIsNotFlat

    Lol so stupid. If he read a manual on shoplifting instead then he would be a free man. Just because it is a “pedophile” manual doesn’t make it right to ruin his life by putting him on a sex offender registry. So we are punishing people for thoughts now?

    Anyway it is partially his fault. Next time he decides to download such a manual he should protect himself better. now he will deal with the consequences.

  18. WTF tought police!

  19. I have read that so many times. I am a threat to society and they wont catch me because I am smart. Bye bye now. LMAO

  20. fffffffkillpedos

    pedophile are sociopaths, i would give up all privacy form them to be in prison

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