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Flaws in Postal Services Are Allowing Opioids into Florida

Anthony Gomes, with his partner Elizabeth Ton, was apprehended by law enforcement some weeks back for distributing large quantities of deadly drugs which they bought from China via the web.

The good part of this illicit act was that they got to live a very luxurious lifestyle, owning expensive items including a private plane and others but then, the other side of the coin is that, their act of importing illicit drugs had deadly outcomes. According to reports, at least four people lost their lives in Oregon and North Dakota.

Although this case might come out as very serious since we are talking about the lives of people here, it certainly isn’t much of a surprise since there have been numerous incidents and cases synonymous to this in the U.S. and the state of Florida.

A boy from Miami who was just 10 years old overdosed on a deadly fentanyl in the early stages of the year while another man from Sanford was arrested just last month for possessing fentanyl pills which were branded as candy.

Just recently, two inmates of the Miami-Dade County jail overdosed on fentanyl which led to their death in prison. The identity of the person who supplied the deadly drug to the inmates is still unknown and investigators have stated that they are considering these deaths to be a criminal investigation for potential murder.

Another serious part of this overdose is how the deadly drugs were smuggled into the County Jail which has compelled Miami prosecutors to consider resorting to a new law which makes it much easier to charge any supplier of fentanyl with murder.

For some time now, fentanyl has been the major cause of overdose deaths in Palm Beach and Broward counties.

Statistics from Florida’s last year report on drug overdoses revealed that the cause of death from fentanyl and related synthetic opioids, doubled, tripled and in some extreme instances, quadrupled the number of fatalities in the previous year.

Synthetic opioids are becoming a greater threat to American society. Moreover, from the pills not found by the postal service, at home or around the globe, these are shipping directly to people’s homes and creating more victims of this growing deadly epidemic.

The means by which these illicit drugs get passed the postal system still remains a shocking factor, given the fact that there is an advancement in technology in equipment being used at the postal services.

Many efforts have however been made to try and curb this devastating situation but it seems that those efforts aren’t enough since deadly drugs are still flooding the market in the U.S. The introduction of x-ray machines for scanning and the use of canines has still done very little in solving this situation.

Many people have however voiced out their displeasure with the work of the postal services, blaming them as major contributors to this opioid epidemic by allowing them through the mail.

A report by the opioid commission, however, states that officials of postal services are very much working hard to help solve the situation and in their defense, the detection of fentanyl and its related drugs shipped directly into the United States via international mail and express consignment has presented a new and unique challenge to them.

According to authorities, part of the difficulty is that there are small quantities which are sent through the mail because users do not need too much of it to get the ecstatic feeling they long after.

The Food and Drug Administration in August revealed that they were stepping up their efforts in detecting opioids entering the country illegally through the mail. This came after the growing concerns of synthetic fentanyl and related drugs being shipped from China and other places, flooding the U.S.

Commissioner Scott Gottlieb stated in internal remarks to some senior managers that, he was going to see to it that, over 35 employees were stationed at international mail facilities run by the U.S.

In spite of all these measures, over 1 million packages reach the United States daily via the global postal system without the appropriate security information that law enforcement agencies require to stop and inspect them. These packages could, however, be containing the deadly synthetic opioids and other illegal items.


  1. Fucking private plane. Good that those shitheads got caught.

  2. yeah blame the dealers, the post office just don’t blame the fucking idiots who took too much of the stuff.
    This is bull shit, did somebody put a gun to their head say take the stuff? They bought and took the shit on their on free will. Nobody but themselves should pay for their stupid mistake

  3. Kinda how the 10 original flaws in the Constitution allowed for liberty and freedom. Gotta fix that quick.

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