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Kentucky Man Sentenced to 87 Months in PlayPen Case

As a result of a “nationwide operation conducted by the FBI” that investigated child abusers and downloaders of child pornography on the darknet, 29-year-old Craig T. Anderson will spend the next 87 months in federal prison. In 2017, Anderson pleaded guilty to knowingly receiving child pornography. FBI Special Agent in Charge Amy Hess and Robert M. Duncan, Jr., United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Kentucky announced the man’s prison sentence.

The press release issued by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Kentucky did not mention the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Operation Pacifier. However, even the few pieces of information revealed in the announcement pointed directly to the disturbingly illegal investigation into the users of the darknet child pornography forum “PlayPen.” The announcement explained that the FBI caught Anderson during a nationwide operation led by the FBI. The FBI found that Anderson had accessed and downloaded significant amounts of child pornography from a site he accessed through the Tor browser. He allegedly saved the images in his Tor browser directory.

At a previous court appearance, Anderson admitted that he had accessed a site and downloaded child pornography in February 2015. The FBI’s only evidence that he received child pornography came from the “nationwide investigation” that occured in February 2015. One might remember the Opening Brief in the case against another PlayPen member named David Tippens. “In early 2015, the FBI operated a website called “Playpen” and became one of the world’s largest distributors of child pornography. While operating the site, the FBI obtained a search warrant in Virginia and, despite the warrant’s limited authorization, targeted thousands of computers around the world,” the document read.

The FBI discovered that Anderson had accessed PlayPen with the Tor browser in early 2015 and later executed a search warrant at his parents’ house in Kentucky, the USAO’s report said. Agents seized his laptop and a forensic examination revealed that Anderson had downloaded and stored approximately 577 illegal pictures. Unique pictures.

Judges across the United States have passed down prison sentences for convicted PlayPen users that do not seem to fit the norm. Tippens, for instance, possibly had the greatest impact on the mainstream media. His actions disturbed the court. He had created soundproof walls to hide the sounds of child pornography from his neighbors. After his arrest, he admitted that one of his hard drives had “a terabyte” of child pornography stored on it. The government pursued several charges and a 48 month prison sentence. In the end, Tippens pleaded guilty to one count of the least significant charge and received a six month prison sentence.

At this point, though, they will take any conviction they can get; the FBI overplayed their hand with the use of the NIT and subsequent refusal to allow the NIT code to be examined.


  1. Only a terabyte? The aliens have a copy of all of it, everything, since the internet began. How fucking awesome!

  2. c.aliens, your reporting is so full of false statements you should be sued for stupidity. do some actual reading of real documents before you post.

  3. Yet most drug dealers here,have gotten 20 years to life.what the fuck is the world coming to when a pedo gets a lesser sentence than a fucking dealer seller herb

  4. too…

    ur a sick fuck. possession of images of children being abused should be legalized ?

    go n fucking hang urself u scumbag


      He should hang himself and then shoot himself twice in the temple.

      • First of, I’m not defending this man. He deserves this sentence. Anyways:

        Harsher prison sentences/punishment probably won’t do anything.
        People like this man have fetishes and preferences, just like we do.
        Do you think this mans preferences will go away in the 87 months he’s going to spend in prison? No. They won’t.
        Can you switch off your preferences?
        Can you stop liking brunettes? stop liking grannies? stop looking at women with big honkers? stop your pantie fetish? can you stop jerking off to whatever it is your jerking it to? No? There you go.

        Personally I think the only solution is to pump more money into mental health & other ways to counter this obvious problem, obvious? yes, there are people being busted basically every day in related cases. But, knowing the very taboo subject at hand, nothing will happen, ever.

        Also, prison senteces are not set in stone. It’s not like you’ll automatically get 20 years in prison for some weed or cocain, ok? Some states simply give you a slap on the wrist while others do not. Some states are very conservative with their old rules and have very harsh punishments.

    • suckmydick


  5. You’d think that paedosexuals disable JavaScript and jail tor-browser, encrypt their hard drives and create hidden partitions in case they’re forced to reveal their passwords (UK)… But no. Some people really deserve it.

    • low hanging fruit will always be there no matter what. Just look at this guy’s face, i wouldve given up too at that point. You realize playpen literally had over 300k users, and how many got caught lol? LE isn’t going to achieve jack shit

  6. as many of the child porn laws were written during the modem era, i think noting how many pics or vids have been downloaded should end. with dsl and cable speed, its pretty ez to download thousands of pics in a very short period of time.
    and i remain very bothered that the fbi was allowed to act as an advertiser and distributor for cp. lea should not be allowed to break the law to catch law breakers.
    i believe that judges have opened the door for a lot of abuse of power

  7. Why are longer/harsher sentences not a deterrent?
    Because criminals don’t expect to be caught.
    If a criminal knew they would be in jail tomorrow if the broke the law today, 90% wouldn’t commit the crime.

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