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German Cook Sentenced for Darknet Methamphetamine Orders

The Starnberg District Court heard how a 30-year-old cook purchased amphetamine and methamphetamine from vendors on the darknet. The prosecution charged him, initially, with purchasing 60 grams of the stimulants on the darknet, using the stimulants he had purchased, and selling some of the remaining drugs. He faced charges for ordering both drugs under fake names on at least seven separate occasions.

During the court session, the 30-year-old told the court that he had ordered the drugs from the darknet, but only for personal use. He said that he purchased them and used them. He had even attempted to purchase some “not on the darknet.” But he adamantly denied any role in any narcotic distribution. In March 2017, German authorities searched the man’s apartment in connection with a darknet drug operation, but found only evidence that the cook had purchased the drugs—nothing to support the prosecution’s claim that the cook had distributed them.

“At that time, I needed a compensation for the long working hours and [I needed] a stimulating effect,” the cook said. He argued that his use of the drugs was entirely justified by the necessity he had for drugs at the time. His work apparently put him under immense amounts of pressure and gave him tunnel vision about working. He also told the court that he had not used any drugs of any kind for two years.

German authorities connected online purchases the cook made by examining the purchase lists connected to two different darknet markets, they said. The police arrested him in March 2017 over the purchases that had happened the year prior. During his arrest and subsequent search of his house, the police did not find any evidence that connected the cook to drug use. They found evidence on his computer that connected him to the drug purchases from 2016, however.

The judge believed the cook’s story. He said that he understood that the cook probably had not used drugs in two years and the when he had used amphetamine and methamphetamine, it was for dealing with the stress of his everyday life. He had not used them to “get high on the weekend.” The judge said that the quantities purchased did make it seem as if the drugs had been purchased with an intent to distribute. He added that the authorities had no way of proving that any such distribution ever took place. But even the cook himself did not deny that he had purchased illegal substances on the internet.

He admitted that he bought the substances on several occasions. He told the court that he knew it was wrong and that it was a “huge mistake” to take drugs. The judge sentenced the cook to one year and two months on probation. The cook must also pay a fine of 1,800 euros.

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