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FBI Shows Video of AlphaBay Admin’s Arrest During Conference

A recent cybersecurity conference held at Fordham University in New York City featured speeches by a variety of speakers from law enforcement including agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). During the conference FBI Director Christopher Wray called encryption “a major public safety issue.” Former Director of the CIA John Brennan also spoke at the conference, as well as a computer forensics expert from the FBI’s local office, and the New York City District Attorney. But one of the most interesting talks given at the International Conference on Cyber Security 2018 was a talk given by FBI Special Agent Nicholas G. Phirippidis. Special Agent Phirippidis’ talk was titled “Operation Bayonet: The International Effort to Dismantle AlphaBay.” Unfortunately, it appears that this speech was not as well attended and publicized as the other talks given at the cybersecurity conference.

AlphaBay was one of the biggest darknet markets to follow in the footsteps of the original Silk Road. Like Silk Road, AlphaBay was brought down by an operation of international law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies. The original Silk Road darknet market was launched in February of 2011 and was shut down with the arrest of the site’s creator and administrator Ross Ulbricht, who went by the name Dread Pirate Roberts (DPR). The name of the international law enforcement investigation into the Silk Road darknet market was known as Operation Onymous. AlphaBay was launched in September of 2014 and its creator and administrator was Alexandre Cazes, known by the name alpha02. The name of the international law enforcement investigation into the AlphaBay and HANSA Market darknet markets was known as Operation Bayonet.

Cazes, who was a Canadian citizen, was arrested at his home in Bangkok, Thailand. Approximately one week after he had been taken into custody, Cazes was found hanging by the neck dead in his jail cell, having been found by Thai prison guards. Alexandre Cazes was only 26 years of age when he was found dead. Cazes never received a trial, and technically no government has proven that Cazes was guilty of committing any crimes. Special Agent Nicholas G. Phirippidis was one of the key FBI agents involved in investigating AlphaBay. Phirippidis is an agent from the FBI’s Sacramento, California Division. According to Phirippidis, three days before Cazes was arrested, federal agents saw Cazes pull up in his Porsche to the Bangkok hotel they were staying. Cazes was apparently at the hotel for some kind of business meeting. Phirippidis even walked passed Cazes in the hotel.

During Special Agent Phirippidis’ speech he showed the audience a short clip of footage filmed during the raid on Alexandre Cazes home in Bangkok. “See if you can spot the moment when he realizes he’s about to be arrested,” Special Agent Phirippidis joked with the audience as he showed them a clip from an unreleased video of the arrest of Alexandre Cazes. Many in the crowd laughed, which was an audience that mainly consisted of people involved in law enforcement and in the cybersecurity industry. A member of the media who was in the audience realized that Special Agent Phirippidis was showing unreleased footage from the investigation and pulled a smartphone out and was able to capture about eleven seconds worth of the footage being projected onto a screen.

Special Agent Phirippidis told the audience that the FBI was able to corner and arrest Alexandre Cazes with his unencrypted laptop still logged into his AlphaBay administrator account. Phirippidis explained that the FBI had “rammed a car through the front gate” of Cazes luxurious Bangkok residence. The video that Special Agent Phirippidis showed to the audience during his speech has never been released to the public. The FBI declined to provide a copy of the video to journalists at Motherboard and also refused to provide any of the other materials used during Special Agent Phirippidis’ speech at the cybersecurity conference.

A Freedom of Information Act request will be made to try and obtain the footage of Alexandre Cazes arrest.


  1. Andyboy McClinton

    So they rammed Cazes’ front gate to get him to jump up and go away from his computer, then made the raid? Sounds similar to the time the feds pretended to be kids driving around in Bill Coopers field to get him out of the house.. before they shot him dead.

    But this article needs a correction. Operation Onymous was an investigation into Silk Road 2 (SR2), not the original Silk Road.

  2. dog cunts

  3. Laughing about a dead man. WOW. If that’s all you can do. Ever wondered what takes you to be member of LE. Now i know it only takes a stupid unhuman ass. Thanks for that answer.

  4. maybestfuanddontask

    Think for yourself, who are the real criminals.

  5. I don’t think this article is quite correct on the detail that the FBI arrested Cazes. He was raided and arrested by the Royal Thai police under request from the FBI and taken to a Thai jail to await extradition to the US.

  6. Unencrypted computer? The guy was looking at life without parole if he got caught, WTF is wrong with him?

  7. Cazes must have been a republican. FBI doesn’t like those.

  8. I find it crazy that a guy running such a site where you have maximum risk of getting behind bars forever if caught, would have so poor opsec and leave the laptop logged in. If I had been in his shoes I’d have everything in highly encrypted storage media and a second layer of encryption via encrypted volumes. Same with the mobile phones, all encrypted heavily. Always keep a layer of plausible deniability. If need to do admin work, always do it in a secure location and at a moment when if anything happens outside, no one can reach you until you have already closed and secured everything. No fingerprint access that can be forced from you, only use complex passwords with everything. With his money I would have built a secure room where I can be locked in with secondary and tertiary connections if the LE is knocking at the door. On top of this would be nice a little application running on a server somewhere, that deletes everything from all servers if not reset in certain time, kind of like a dead man’s switch. This would make LE’s life so much more difficult.

  9. its sad that he gave up,thai prison are bad places to be.
    there is allways hope no matter what,maybe he would gotten life or not,you can allways fight to the end.

  10. I agree that there should be some sort of lock-in safety mechanism rigged to these servers . If the door is tripped , the power gets pulled to a server that is running purely in RAM from the start .

    You can get a decent server for about a grand with a TB of RAM . That is MORE than enough for a darknet forum .

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