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How to Anonymize your Bitcoin with Monero

When it comes to keeping your OPSEC on point you need to make sure you are keeping all your coins anonymous. ‘Dirty coins’ are crypto coins that have strong links to illegal activity – you don’t want this. Basically, to stay safe, you will want to clean your coins (probably Bitcoin). When one thinks of cleaning their Bitcoin the first thing they probably think of are Coin Tumblers; these are all very well, but the fees have risks associated with them and are too high for a lot of people. In this article I’ll be going over how to clean your coins using the cryptocurrency Monero… Enjoy!


Before we start, I’ll recommend you use a VPN for your browser – use the VPN advertised on the right of the DeepDotWeb site. If you get caught because you didn’t use a VPN, don’t blame me. ?

Head over to ShapeShift and go to Deposit and Receive Assets. In this instance, you’ll want to sell Bitcoin for Monero.

Once you’ve done that you can hit continue and open your Monero wallet. From there, select the Receive tab and copy the integrated address.

Now paste it into the Monero Address Field on ShapeShift as well as filling in the Bitcoin Refund Address which is also located.

Agree to the terms and click Start Transaction.

Agree to the terms and start the transaction. From here you will need to make a Bitcoin payment to the provided deposit address.

Wait 10 minutes for the network confirmation to take place. After it is confirmed, you will receive your Monero.

Sell the Monero and Buy Back your Bitcoin

ShapeShift sent the Monero coins to our wallet utilizing Ring CT. It implies that no sums and information sources/yields are noticeable on the public blockchain.

As it were, this exchange is untraceable.

Just ShapeShift knows this exchange has happened, yet they can’t see where the cash will wind up later. Unless obviously, we send it back to them.

If the period between those two exchanges isn’t sufficiently long (no less than seven days), they could utilize their inside logs and complete a period examination to figure the birthplace of the assets.

Knowing this, we’ll pick an alternate trade administration to break this connection.

If you’re associated by means of VPN, select an alternate nation to get another IP address. It isn’t essential; however, it absolutely includes greater security.

Visit XMR.TO and make another request.

Fill in the Bitcoin address on XMR.TO with a new Bitcoin address that you have not used before. Input the desired amount of Bitcoin – you will be sent this amount to your Bitcoin wallet.

Scroll down to the How to pay? section.

Paste in the information to the corresponding fields in the Send section of your Monero wallet.

To take advantage of the Ring CT feature that XMR.TO has, fully slide the Privacy level to the right. This transaction will be a bit more expensive but it will become untraceable.

Click Send and go back to the XMR.TO website.

XMR.TO needs 1 network confirmation (around 2 minutes) to send you bitcoins.

Now you will receive fresh Bitcoins making it virtually impossible for your coins to be tracked. Have fun spending your new coins!


  1. Errmmmm…. perhaps just exchange for Monero and then, like, use the Monero instead?! Easier and far safer than going back to traceable Bitcoin.




  3. Why wouldn’t they be able to see where you sent the coin after? Blockchains are public

  4. I am looking into keep my coin clean,government wants to keep all the secrets to them selves, long live the cryptoverse!

  5. Put your moneros in monerujo (android wallet for monero). Then just scan any bitcoin QR-code or paste a bitcoin address as receiver and your moneros get automatically converted with xmr.to. easy peasy.

    You just have to download the latest version or register as beta tester.

  6. Would this work as well when you would exchange bitcoin to Monero on an exchange like Binance? Will you’re bitcoins become untraceble once they where exchanged into Monero no matter where?

  7. Check out furcoins, there you can buy or sell bitcoins without stress!

  8. I don’t understand this:

    “Just ShapeShift knows this exchange has happened, yet they can’t see where the cash will wind up later. Unless obviously, we send it back to them.”

    How exactly would they know that it’s the same person/origin that’s sending monero back to them? The wallet address would be different, and the monero itself isn’t “marked” is it?

  9. DisgruntledSir

    The service is legitimate i’ve used it many times. but something went wrong and they are holding onto MY XMR IN THEIR SYSTEM. It’s been 12 days since i’ve contacted and provided all needed information.

    Sounds to me like i’m being scammed..or they just have a non-existent support team.

  10. Newbee question but important: Let’s say i follow these instructions and I transfer all my bitcoins to Monero but happen to leave 0.01 mBTC in my bitcoin wallet. Then I send the Monero back to my Bitcoin wallet using a new adress. What about those 0.01 mBTC? Will I have to be careful not to use them because they are traceable?

  11. Overpriced. Exchange bitcoins for monero, then exchange the monero back to bitcoin and you will have anout half the amount you started off with!

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