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The Youth and Cybercrime – the New Generation of ‘Cyber Criminals’

Cybercrime is commonly understood to include a broad range of criminal activities that use computers, digital devices, and the Internet. Despite almost 40 years of incidents, cybercrime still does not have a universally accepted definition in literature. Most authors classify cybercrimes based on the role of technology and criminal modus operandi.https://img00.deviantart.net/266d/i/2012/014/f/1/fbi_cybercrime_logon_1080p_by_w1ck3dmatt-d4m131r.png

We’re in a world right now where children younger than ever have access to such a vast amount of material – one of that being everything cybercrime. Children are growing up in a world where there is so much opportunity – they can see going black hat as an easy way to make a lot of money. Companies are employing people younger than ever to work as penetration testers and cyber security specialists and there’s a reason for it: young people know so much and learn so fast that they are perfect candidates to grow up into world class cyber specialists. Whether people go the white hat route or become black hat hackers is another story.

While people often think of hacking as the main form of cybercrime, there’s a totally different side on the Deep Web. Many people above the age of 14 have probably heard of the deep web. Maybe they’ve seen their favorite YouTuber make a video on it or maybe they’ve just heard a friend speak about it. Anyway, it’s well known within the youth. Combine a teenager’s knowledge of the dark web and the ever growing drug use within younger people and you have many people who will find their way into buying illegal drugs off Darknet Markets.

Dive even deeper into the equation and eventually these kids won’t want to be buying their goods on the Deep Web, they’ll want to be selling it – there’s high demand, and it seems easy. Just pop some Molly in a package, drop it off at the post office and they’ve got some easy money. Or do they?

With computer science being taught at many schools around the world, not only have we got teenagers who want to make money, but we’ve got teenagers that have the ability to create new Marketplaces in which illegal goods can be sold on. It would only take a few entrepreneurial minds and people who can code to find the current gap of quality markets we see. How long before someone under the age of 18 gets arrested for creating an illegal darknet marketplace? That’s hard to tell, but it’s most likely.

Anyway, I enjoyed writing this article and hopefully you found it interesting too. Tell me your thoughts in the comments – I usually get to reply to them all. ?


  1. Anton Szandor LaVey

    Fortunately, some Teens know how to protect themselves on the Darknet and how not to get caught… ;)

  2. fortunately real OG’z actually push it on the streets cuz its the simpler and less sophisticated/ old school way of slangin. however, if you can do both..whoa! thats a dangerous individual right there. HAHA

  3. blank article, why even post shit like this ?

  4. fortunately, you’re an idiot

  5. Interesting article. I enjoyed it.
    Speaking of youth and cyber crime.. Scandinavia(Norway to be exact) is starting a new cyber crime unit this year and they want 200+ IT “nerds”(youth) by the end of 2k18.
    They want to end drugs/cheese pizza on the clearweb/deepweb once and for all(their words).

    • Tom Piper

      Thanks for the feedback.! It’s always nice to know that people are enjoying the content.. even if it feels a bit blank.

      • rustyshackleford

        i see you puttin.in the effort.

        I enjoy these articles. Dont mind the haters. Same pack of mental midgets who literally spend their freetime correcting grammer mistakes on political youtube comment sections so they can get a quick “AHA!” moment on someone who just roasted them publically and just cant let it go.

        There are people, at this very moment that are at each others metaphorocal virtual necks in youtube videos from random forgotten shit like KONY 2012

        Goddamn, those people make me feel good about myself yet distressed that they also do exist and i share a planet with them and they are breeding.

  6. Obama is a nigger

    ben slangin on the web since i was in HS, my first pack was a $100 zip of weed and it was good compared to the shit we got locally. Bought 100 xans and started flippin em locally

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