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German Man Downloaded 7000 Child Abuse Pictures

A District Court in Meschede heard the case of a 60-year-old man who “had one of the most shocking videos circulating the darknet.” The man, unsurprisingly, received a prison sentence of three years and three months for buying and having possession of child abuse material. Primarily the video. However, the 60-year-old also had more than 7,000 child abuse pictures and 500 child abuse videos that he had downloaded from the darknet. Not all of the videos. But the worst ones, the court said, came from the darknet.

The man, a 60-year-old from Eslohe, used the pseudonym “Baby Hunter” on darknet child abuse forums like Elysium and The Love Zone. Investigators found the pictures and videos stored on several storage mediums that belonged to the Eslohe man. The question raised by the court, however, was whether or not this man had influence on the film created by the person who created the video. According to investigators, the 60-year-old had sent 300 euros to an address in the Philippines where the creator lived. The creator’s identity is obvious, even though the press releases never named the man.

Although Peter Scully is behind bars in the Philippines, the authorities fear that he still runs his horrific child abuse business through proxies and third parties. Scully, one of the world’s worst pedophiles and certainly one of the most notorious on the darknet, created a child abuse film that pushed the boundaries of the word “abuse.” Prior to his 2015 arrest, Scully sold this video for up to $10,000 on the darknet, sources said.

But Scully did not stop at the creation of the destructive video; his decision to flee his home country for the Philippines came both out of necessity and out of opportunity. He kidnapped and raped an unknown number of children during his time as a free man in the Philippines. And he could get away with it far more easily than he could have if he had lived in Australia or the United States. But the German courts fear the 60-year-old man could have interacted with Scully through Scully’s “live performances.” Scully abused the children he and his female partners kidnapped, but instead of simply taping it and later uploading it, Scully allowed pedophiles across the world to control the abuse by issuing commands and setting the scenes. He charged different prices depending upon unknown factors.

Investigators found that the 60-year-old man had maintained contact with Peter Scully (likely prior to Scully’s arrest) and that the man had sent Scully money. They failed to find out the level of interaction the man had with the darknet’s most notorious pedophile. Without proof of anything more than receiving and viewing the pictures and videos he had downloaded, the court sentenced the man to spend three years and three months in prison.


  1. So we can assume this man had a copy of “Daisy’s Destruction”.

    A video of which featured the rape, torture and murder of three young children.


    This really goes to show how pathetic the courts and criminal system really is.

    I hope this mans throat gets slashed in prison. Maybe then he will realize what them kids had to go through in the that video he got so much entertainment from watching.


    • I understand and agree with your anger. However, “Daisy’s Destruction” did *NOT* contain any murder or rape. It did contain the extreme physical abuse and mild torture of a naked Philippino girl aged around 2yrs old at the hands of a naked Philippino woman.

  2. That scully is fucked, kidnapping children and letting the chatroom control what happens without any sort of consent. Just sadistic. Majority of pedos including myself would be glad that the Scully guy gets put behind bars. The older guy, well he just sounds like a moron.

  3. What is wrong with Germany ? How can he only receive 3 years for that ?

  4. He must killed in Themen Prison.

  5. know abuse?

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