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Texas Meth Trafficker Sentenced to 96 Months in Prison

According to Acting United States Attorney for the District of Maryland Stephen M. Schenning, a 42-year-old Texas man received a 96 month prison sentence for selling methamphetamine and GHB through various online shops. United States District Judge Catherine C. Blake sentenced Patrick Brian Mobley, one of the conspirators in a much larger drug trafficking conspiracy. Mobley disguised his drug sales by listing them on sites for “legitimate” cloud storage company. The cloud storage, in this case, represented methamphetamine.

From Dallas, Texas, Mobley shipped both methamphetamine and GHB, along with “other controlled substances,” to customers throughout the United States. The case against Mobley, however, came from an investigation conducted by law enforcement in Maryland. The investigation began after law enforcement in Maryland intercepted a package headed towards an address owned by 48-year-old Jeffrey Saunders Harrington. Maryland police raided Harrington.

During the investigation, Maryland police found text messages on Harrington’s phone with another conspirator in Maryland—35-year-old Charles Todd. Investigators said that Harrington and Todd’s messages revealed that the duo had planned to distribute the methamphetamine throughout the region. Harrington’s house contained scales, bags, bagged-up methamphetamine, and packages of other substances. Between October 2015 and February 2017, Harrington purchased a total of 55 packages of methamphetamine for a grand total of two kilograms of the product. Records indicate that Harrington had spent more than $60,000 on meth purchases.

Investigators then discovered that Harrington purchased methamphetamine through a company in Dallas called “PBMobes” that claimed to offer cloud storage and related networking solutions. Investigators made undercover purchases from the Dallas-based company’s website. As one might have expected, law enforcement intercepted a package headed out of Dallas, Texas, that they traced back to Mobley’s house. After Maryland, detectives made their second undercover purchase, law enforcement in Texas moved in on Mobley and made an arrest.

They found the items one would expect to find in the house of a drug trafficker: scales, bags, methamphetamine, “other substances,” and delivery documents. In addition, officers found a Hi-Point 9mm semiautomatic pistol in a safe. They arrested yet another conspirator on his way to Mobley’s house. The conspirator, 42-year-old Bernard Thomas Mozdenski, had been in the process of delivering methamphetamine to Mobley at the time of his arrest.

During the course of Mobley’s operation, at least 15 kilograms of methamphetamine made their way across the United States through one of Mobley’s cloud storage websites. Mobley received a 96 month prison sentence for conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine. After release from prison, Mobley will be on supervised release for five years. Mozdenski received a six year prison sentence. Harrington received a 70 month prison sentence. Todd received a 64 month prison sentence. All four conspirators will spend five years on supervised release.


  1. This has to be one of the softest sentences of all time for a drug trafficker (aside from the whole supervised release thing).

    Sucks to be Mozdenski though.

  2. There’s a term for it. It’s called a downward departure and there’s only ONE way to get a downward departure.

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