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13.02.18 Dark Web and Cybercrime Roundup

Alabama Veterinarian Accused of Ordering 18 Grams of Fentanyl on the Darknet

Alabama’s Shelby County Drug Enforcement Task Force arrested 46 year old David Wallace for ordering 18 grams of fentanyl from the darknet. Along with Wallace, Alabama authorities arrested his accomplice, 33-year-old Dana Marie Leslie. Officials said the amount of fentanyl seized could have wiped out an entire (small) city.

Customs officers at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport intercepted a package that led to the arrest of Wallace and Leslie. The package contained a teddy bear with 18 grams of fentanyl stuffed inside. Homeland Security Investigations officers alerted Alabama authorities and the Postal Inspectors who performed a controlled delivery and made the arrest.

Former Silk Road Vendor Sentenced to Six Years in Berlin

Alongside two accomplices, a former darknet vendor stood at the Berlin district court to face drug trafficking charges. Ryo., the prosecution said, created the vendor identities “moramaru,” “3M,” and “MMM.” Ryo sold, at first, on Silk Road by himself. While selling without accomplices, Ryo sold a total of 1.6 kilograms of MDMA, 32 kilograms of marijuana, and 385 grams of cocaine.

He later enlisted a shipper and money laundering consultant. He needed the extra hands one he started selling on Dream, Alphabay, and Hansa. Berlin officials sentenced Ryo to six years in prison. They sentenced his shipper to three years and three months in prison. And the money launderer received a 19 month suspended sentence.

AlphaBay Fentanyl Analog Vendor EtiKing Found Guilty

The pseudonym “EtiKing” may ring some bells, but 43-year-old Jeremy P. Achey made more of an impact on the research chemical communities as “jeremysdemo,” or “USDTO.” Achey sold research chemicals on the clearnet, often running scams and manipulating reviews in his favor. He ran US Drug Testing Organization (USDTO) where he claimed he provided drug testing services. But he also sold fentanyl analogues on the darknet.

Officers investigated EtiKing after one of his customers overdosed on furanyl fentanyl. Although Achey’s fentanyl analogues caused 20 or more overdoses, a federal grand jury only indicted Achey on drug distribution. He was found guilty of conspiracy to distribute (fentanyl) and distribution of controlled substance analogues in the Middle District of Florida.

UK Fentanyl Vendor Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison

Another fentanyl vendor made the news when Cardiff Crown Court Judge Eleri Rees sentenced him to eight years in prison for fentanyl distribution and similar charges. The vendor, 25-year-old Kyle Enos, used the name “Soviet Bear” to sell thousands of doses of fentanyl on the darknet, Colin Williams of the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) explained.

When UK authorities raided Enos’ home, they found more than 20,000 doses of fentanyl. Videos from the raid show authorities entering the home wearing biohazard suits. The court believes that Enos’ fentanyl caused dozens of deaths in the UK, but pressed no related charges due to the inability to confirm the drug users overdosed on Enos’ fentanyl. Williams said that Enos played a game of “Russian roulette with the lives of drug users.”

Litecoin, Not Monero, Is the Second Most Dominant Dark Web Currency

According to research from Recorded Future, users of illicit darknet sites prefer Litecoin as a Bitcoin alternative. The researchers examined data from 150 darknet markets, forums, and other websites, according to BleepingComputer. This information is noteworthy for several reasons. For instance, the Litecoin preference means that users are not using the anonymous cryptocurrency Monero. Also, the MSM sites that only recently discovered Monero may have to backpedal on the stories that claim “cybercriminals have abandoned Bitcoin for Monero.”


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